According to Consumer Reports, the average U.S. woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. However, they only wear 4 of the pairs regularly. It goes on to report that 15% of these women have over 30 pairs. I will let you decide amongst yourselves which of these categories I fall into.

The survey goes on to say that many women would risk injury to squeeze into new slingbacks or stilettos, and 43% said they had indeed been injured by their shoes. Now, my friends, I love me a cute pair of shoes, but there is NO way I am going to risk injury to look cute. I am of the opinion that Flatter Shoes Flatter Fabulous Females…. That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it! When I hit the big 40…many years ago though it was, I made a promise to myself…I never had to wear pantyhose or high heels again…if I did not want to. And I have only wanted to for 2 weddings and a funeral.

“Women are passionate shoe shoppers and this survey shows that shoe shopping is almost a sport for some women.” Can you relate, sisters? “A new pair of shoes makes a woman feel great- and they last longer than a box of chocolate. Forget indulging in a chocolate sundae and go buy shoes for a quick little uplift”, says Meghan Cleary. She goes on to say,”Trying on shoes in a store is fun, as you don’t have to strip off in front of a brightly lit mirror.” You go girlfriend! When you just cannot even THINK about trying on a new pair of pants in a dressing room…you can sit in a comfortable chair in the shoe salon and have someone bring out shoe after shoe for you to try on…while you are still fully clothed and in your right mind. Cause seeing yourself undressed in those dressing rooms sorta of makes us all go a little crazy, doesn’t it?

So let’s be brave girls…and tell all. How many pairs of shoes do YOU own? You go first….