Strokes kill twice as many women as breast cancer every year, and it can happen at any age. It is a so sad to know that many people could be saved if we all recognized the symptoms. Getting a stroke victim to the hospital in the first hour is key to being able to reverse potential brain damage.

If you suspect that a person may have had a stroke…and they have even one of these symptoms…don’t wait…call 911 immediately. Every minute counts. To remember the symptoms, use the first 3 letters of the word stroke.

S…..Ask her to SMILE. Look for sudden weakness or numbness on either side of the face.

T…..Ask her to TALK. Can she say a simple sentence like “The sky is blue.” You know she is in trouble if she can’t.

R…..Ask her to RAISE HER ARMS. Weakness or numbness in one arm is a sign she is having a stroke.

The Mayo Clinic suggests another easy way to remember the warning signs: FAST:

F…..FACE…weakness or pulling

A…..ARMS…weakness or numbness

S…..SPEECH…slurred or trouble pronouncing words

T…..TIME…Get help as soon as possible.

Stroke signs in women are sometimes varied and unusual. Please take the time to read this short article from the Mayo Clinic.

Being knowledgeable about these signs could save the life of someone you love.