Here are pictures from Christmas at the Creek House…

Ian bought his Christmas gifts before he came home.  And, he decided to go to Baby’s R Us to get something for Suzanne.  He obviously had fun looking around, and he told me it was surprising all the things that they made for babies now.  We all got a big laugh when Suzanne opened her gift from him!  He wants Little Levi to wear this often!

He loves sweet little John Thomas, and the feeling is certainly mutual.  Hopefully he is learning some good skills to use when Levi gets here.

John Thomas was such a joy to have around on Christmas.  We all had fun with him and he was so good.  His very smart Mom and Dad have wisely made music a part of his  life every day…and he loves it!  Actually, when he hears music, he begins moving his hands up and down like he’s leading music.  No, he doesn’t even know about that, but that’s what it looks like to us!  Almost as an afterthought, I got him this little snowman.  He sings and sways as he sings Deck the Halls.  Great idea, Tonja!  Let me just say that if you hear Deck the Halls 1329 times in one day, it begins to get a little weary…but he loved it every.single.time.

Ian has been the official turkey carver for the past several years.  But, this year, he said it was time for Alex to learn.  So, here those 2 clowns are…in MY aprons…carving our Christmas Turkey!

Here’s Joy and John Thomas

Finn wanted to join in on the fun…

And, let me show you my favorite gift from the day.  It is from Alex.  This is one of my personal mottos…and he has observed it through the years.  Thanks, Alex…I love it

The Owens’ Family…..

The McKibben Family…..

The Cousins……….

Wish I knew how to make those last 3 larger.  Sorry.

On Christmas Eve, it is our tradition to have a meal of boiled shrimp and cheese biscuits.  This year, Don also got lobster claws and crab claws.  Suzanne is not a big seafood fan, and it really is not my favorite.  So, I made she and I some potato soup.  Here are the boys chowing down.  I don’t know why it required so much mess on the island!


Tina and Patty came  over on Christmas Eve and helped me with a few things…..I love these 2 girls!

Ian woke me up on Sunday morning to say “see you later”…

Don has a few words of wisdom for him to mull over on his trip home….

He pulls out of the driveway, looks back to wave once more, and sets his sights toward Birmingham.  Don and I head inside…..he to read the paper,  me back to bed.  And, this ends the Christmas doings for 2010.

But, it’s not really over , is it?  Not until every Santa,  elf, wreath, ornament, garland, tree, candle, holly, wrapping paper, bow, ribbon, and beautiful angel is put away to wait for next year. 

 Oh, and those little ornament hooks, you know the small ones?  They have a way of hooking themselves on to the bottom of couches and rugs and pillows and…….




  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Tonja, what a beautiful Christmas you had with your family. The pictures are wonderful. Love that bib! I know that it is so much work and preparation but when the day comes it is the most wonderful day of the year. All the best to you and your family in 2011 with many blessings from God.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me—I think I know each and every one, and would recognize them in a totally different place, if I passed them in a strange place. I just love your GATHERINGS.

    What a joy to have the four generations together; we're just so very blessed.

    My very best wishes to all of you for a bright, beautiful, fulfilling New Year!


  4. So glad your Christmas was wonderful. Loved seeing the pics.

    Happy New Year!
    Much love and big hugs,

  5. I love, love, love the bib!!!!! Wish our single son had gotten his new nephew one of those. Your pictures turned out so beautifully….but then again, you have a photographer in the family! Our family pics didn't come out so well …….they're posted on the blog now. Next time, if I ever get the grands together again at the same time, I'll hire a pro!

    Happy New Year friend!

  6. You have such a sweet, beautiful family, Tonja … you can see the love you all have for each other reflected in your pictures.

    May your New Year be filled with happiness and special blessings for each and every one of you.

  7. Shirley Davis |

    Okay, here goes a try….your pics are beautiful; I personally know your family is beautiful inside and out, and I can't wait to have some time just to catch up!!!

  8. Happy New Year!!!! I LOVE the sign you got!

  9. I LOVE the wall hanging you got!!!! LOVE. IT!

  10. Thank you for sharing. I always love seeing the pictures of your family having fun. You are blessed!

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