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I was asked to do this several weeks ago, and I have just gotten time enough to comply. So here are the contents of my purse today:
Handkerchief and nasal spray…never leave home without it
Emergency chocolate…you never know when you may need a
transfusion…sometimes it is THE best
My paycheck and grocery list
Oversized wallet
Cell Phone
Gum and Mints
Sweet and Salty P-Nut Bar…when chocolate just won’t do, or you
just want both
C.D. used in program last night
Palm Pilot…my life is in here
Fingernail file
Pill Box
Post-It Notes and Marker
Hollywood Fashion Tape…see previous post…went to Stein Mart
yesterday and bought another box.
3 Lipsticks…MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour…The best! Put it on in the
morning…it lasts all day…REALLY!