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Tracey has asked us all on her blog list to do this. She said to list 7 quirky or unusual facts about yourself. Here goes:
1. If I find a product that I like, I tend to stockpile it in multiples. I don’t ever want to be without it. I do this with toothepaste, and lotions and makeup, deodorants and any thing that might be discontinued. If I find the perfect t-shirt…I’ll buy it in all colors.
2. I have trouble falling asleep. I have a Palm Pilot, and Alex put some games on it. So every night before going to sleep, I play solitaire, or word games. Usually I will get sleepy in about 10 minutes. I keep it right beside my bed so if I wake up in the night, I just play some more till I get sleepy again.
3. I actually like my grey hair. I have never colored it. When I was a teenager, I frosted my hair a few times, but that got old. Luckily, when my grey started coming in, it was pretty even. My mom has the prettiest grey hair, and I’ve always loved it….my dad, too. People ask me often who colors my hair (thinking that it is highlighted or something)…my answer? “God.”
4. I am so A.D.D. My mind races from one thing to another, and I find it so hard to stay on one task. I have a thought and off I go to pursue that and forget what I was doing originally. I especially have a hard time sitting in church. And I love to go to church. But, let the pastor mention something…and there I go. When I was first married, Don couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be still, and he is of the opinion that in church you sit still, and listen…Do not move, or whisper or heaven forbid ,write. If I can doodle with a pen, or take notes…I can listen. Finally…he got it. Give me something to do with the action part of my brain, so the listening part can listen.
5. I am OCD about many things. One of these is purses. I have to have a purse that coordinates with my outfit of the day. Take 1 purse for the season.?..NEVER. I change daily. Now it does not have to match…just go with the outfit. And I notice other people’s purses. I just can’t stand to see an old dirty purse that has obviously been used for years. A cute purse need not be expensive….just fashionable.
6. I do not like movies or t.v. that is scary . I do not like seeing or hearing people or animals get hurt or killed. If I am going to spend my time watching a movie or a show on t.v…..then I expect it to make me laugh or be uplifting in someway. I do not mind dramatic shows…just not killing and torture. I have all the drama I need in real life…..
7. I am a very fast reader. I have always loved to read, and in college I took a speed reading course. So, if nothing stands in my way, I can read at least a book a day. Of course, someone always wants to eat or wear clean clothes or some other useless thing…..I’d much rather read.
8. I am a collector. I collect things I love. Some of my favorites are: sheep, little ring boxes, snowmen, funny cards, primitive samplers,birdhouses, and the letter “O”.I don’t know why it is, but there is a feeling of joy when you add one more to your collection.
My newest item of interest is garden statuary. Not the new stuff, old and broken pieces. Love that “used up” look.
9. I’m not too good at following rules….I did more than 7…oops!

The photo is of my sweet DIL, Suzanne, and I at Santa Rosa Beach. We had just gotten soaked while waiting for a table at a restaurant!