Now there are some things that only another girl can understand. So, let’s talk, shall we? The good Lord made me a little off-kilter, a little wonky, a little unbalanced…no, not THAT way. 🙂
I have one shoulder that is lower than the that makes everything a little off…one hip is lower,etc. Now, the hip only bothers me walking…the shoulder is much more trouble. My bra strap on the low side will not stay up. I cannot make it tighter…’cause that will throw the lovely boob line off. I struggled, and complained, and fussed about this for years. But, I have now found the product of my dreams, the answer to my problem. There is a product called Hollywood Fashion Tape…and it is a wonder! I found it at Stein Mart, where the lotions and soaps are. They are little 3 1/2 in. strips of double sided tape. You stick one side to the underside of the strap and the other side to your skin. And, lo! and behold!…the strap does NOT move. Really!. They will not move until you take them off. They do not irritate your skin, or harm fabric. You buy them in a box of 36, for about $6.00. You can also get them online at They are also useful for tops that are cut in a little and bra straps show, like a tank top, or if you have a wrap top that will not stay wrapped. Now, I’m telling you, girlfriends…this is a great product, and it has made me a much happier woman. Try them out. If I am the only person who has this problem…”never mind.”