This is going to be a long post, so this may help you figure it out:


ALSO…this happened LAST week, before the bridal shower, so this post and the shower post should be flip-flopped, and that may happen at some point in time or not…just as long as you understand this is a week behind…which is just the way I do most things…well not ALL the time, sometimes I am on time, if I have to be, but if not…well…nevermind, I find myself going off on a tangent here…which is another thing I do frequently. Just read on……


Since we moved in to the Creek House, I have wanted to finish my pool area. All last summer…it didn’t happen. Of course you remember how long it took me to get dining room chairs! Anyway…I had a bridal shower coming up for the son of a dear friend. About 6 weeks ago, I started reminding DH that I wanted it finished. And, he took me to place #1 look at some large glazed pots for next to the pool fountain. Well. I could have walked away that day with pots, but he did not 1. want to spend what they cost 2. decide then and there 3. buy pots on a day ending in ‘y’. So, we didn’t. I looked at several places over the next weeks, and reminded him again that the date was approaching…several times. Last Monday…LAST MONDAY !..(June 7)…he went back to the store where I liked the pots, and saw some others for about 1/2 the price. He sent me pictures of 1. an ugly concrete pot 3 ft tall, with horrid patches of stain down the sides 2. an ugly concrete pot 2 ft tall, with horrid patches of stain down the sides 3. the pots I liked to start with…still at the same price. Would I like concrete 3ft or concrete 2 ft. Why, no. No, I would rather put a bucket from the paint store atop a few brick next to the fountain. So you still want the green ones? Not necessarily…I think we can find some we both like somewhere. This was 4 days ago, you remember…shower is on Sunday. Tuesday, was a bust. On Wednesday (June 9….today) DDIL called and said she would go with me to another nursery she knew about. So, we set off on a mission to visit place #2.

Friends…you will not believe this. We drove up at this nursery…and DDIL said, Look!” And, sitting there right out front was a pot…EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE I LIKED AT THE OTHER PLACE!!! “How Much?” I asked. She looked, and got the garden type person to look. “Mrs. Tonja, you are not going to believe this…it is $X” (This is less than 1/2 what the exact same pot was at the other store.) DH called about that time and asked what we were doing and I told him about the pot. He asked 1. was I sure? 2. was I looking at the pot to be certain it was the same? 3. was I looking at the price with my own eyes? Yes, X3. I hung up and went to explore this wonderful turn of events. Did they have 2? Sorry, no.

Can, you just see the bubble bursting all around me? But, DDIL, never one to back down from a difficult situation, started looking around at all the other pots they had. Their prices were excellent! Much better than the first place. Not as many, but, what they had…I really liked. DDIL found 2 that would work, then 2 more, and I found 2 more. And all were excellent prices…and matching sets! So, I called DH back, and again: 1.was I sure these were good pots 2. was I looking at the prices with my very own eyes? 3. was I sure I liked them…because I have a way of thinking I like things and then deciding I really don’t and then wanting something else, and we are not going to do that with these pots because we are only buying pots one time and that is all the pots we are ever going to buy…so was I sure? (FYI:::that is so not true…I do change my mind sometimes, but I can live with my mistakes…) 4. Maybe I just need to go check them out myself, maybe I can go one day this week.

No, not that was not going to happen. I knew…even if he did not know it yet…that I was leaving that place with 2 pots and something to be planted into them! And, that is exactly what I did. I picked out 2 pots that I really liked, and then picked out some Endless Summer White Hydrangea to plant. They loaded them into my car, and carefully I drove home. Alex helped me get the flowers out, and then Don took the pots out when he got home (with hand trucks) and put them into place. I like them. He likes them. I am as happy as can be with the pots and tomorrow, I will plant them and all will be well. The sky will be blue and little birds will sing and fly around the beautiful pots filled with beautiful flowers by the beautiful fountain. And, I will post this tomorrow morning and you will be happy for me, too, ‘Night! FYI: Below are the pots from place #2.


Oh, how foolish I was! When will I learn that things can never be simple in this life of mine?

THURSDAY…..June 10

This morning around 11:00, the phone rang. It was DH.

DH: You will never believe what I am looking at in the paper. This is unbelievable.

T: What is it?

DH: Place #1 that had the pots you liked is having a 40% off sale on all their glazed pots! 40% off. Now that would bring them down to a reasonable price.

T: How about that? But, I really like the ones I got yesterday, so all is well.

DH: But, you really liked the pots there. If you had just waited…..

T. But, I am totally satisfied with what I have. You are not wanting me to take them back, are you?

DH: No, I just think it surprising that they did this today.

T. Well, do you want me to go and get them? (I knew he was going to say ‘no’ because we were only getting 2 to start with)

DH: Yeah, I think so. Why don’t you go and get them…just make sure they are on sale.

T: ( I. was. shocked. Go get MORE pots? Really? ) Who are you? And, what have you done with my real DH?

DH: Don’t be silly.

So, I got dressed in presentable clothes…and drove across town to Place 1. And, there they were…the pots I really wanted to start with. Yes, they were on sale. Great! Now, let’s fill them up with plants…lots of plants…oh, and soil…I need enough soil. The bill still ended up below the price we would have played originally for just the pots. They got it all together…loaded it into my car…and I carefully drove home. I knew I was going to have to call in reinforcements to get all this done by Sat. Hello, Tina?

SATURDAY…….June 12

I really should not be surprised that today is Sat. and I am just now starting to work on the planting, and placing, and cleaning up. I really wanted this to be done way, way, long ago…..

And, so Tina and I started work at 7:00 in the morning. These were the plans: 1. All the pots would be planted. 2. The table will be set and all decorations in place. 3. I will sit and look at all the pots and flowers, and reminisce about all the events of the last few days.

And, she and I planted and replanted and switched pots and pulled stuff out of storage and watered and even went and sat in the pool for while! Then we went inside and got all the mercury glass out, and put the table together, did a touch up on the decorations in house. We consumed many peanut butter M&M’s, cookies, DDP…AND…we finished!

Now, honestly. Was it necessary to go through all this stress and aggravation? Never mind, I know the answer to that! It was totally unnecessary. But, now I have 4 huge green pots, 3 small green pots, all planted and ready to grow! And, we only went 2 big pots, 3 little pots and lots of flowers over budget!

AND, we also (Tina and I) managed to climb a few trees, and get this great chandelier hung in the tree…one of the bendy trees that I begged the cutter guys not to cut . And, they didn’t…and this is why! Don’t ya love it? You can put candles in it or a vase of flowers. or both! (Notice the cute little crown at the top? PERFECT!)

I am happy. DH is happy. Even DDIL is happy. But, if these plants don’t grow…you know who’s gonna get the blame!!!

Here are just a few more photos from around the pool and backyard.

Above, crotons in antique French pots….2 of these.

Above and below are on Alex’s back porch…

Below is next to house, looking from the pool…….these go all the way across the back…

Now…if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got things to do. In the backyard. In the pool!

And, tomorrow is the shower!