Just a quick report that the shower today for the son of one of my dearest friends was a great success. We had wonderful attendance, yummy food, and delightful company! Plus the couple got loads of wonderful gifts. It was good to see several friends I have missed over the past few months.

My friend, Pam, said something to her future daughter in law after the guests had left. I do not think she would mind me sharing. She said, ” These ladies are dear Christian friends I’ve known over 20 years. Though we all used to go to the same church, now we are members of several different churches. But, the friendship remains. I can always count on them and they on me. I hope as you start your married life, you begin your own set of friends that will mean as much to you.” I heartily agree! Here, then, are some pictures from the day.

Tonja, Tina, Joy, Mandi, Donna, Monty. Patty

Juliann, Monty, Donna

Tonja, Monty

Joy, Tonja, Pam

Tonja, Patty, Tina

Great food, Old and New Friends, Lots of laughs…wonderful day!




  1. Well you are my first tears today. What a beautiful thing to share with her future DIL.

  2. Tonja–your home is so beautiful and SO you! I hope to visit again and take time to digest it all!


  3. You give the loveliest parties!!! We've been a bit under the weather, and I've been looking forward to seeing your beautiful party. It's scrumptious and welcoming as always, and the little Individual Iced Cakes!!! That says a REAL party, elegant and gracious.

    Do you think Ian could make your pictures blow up like they used to? I've always so enjoyed clicking on them and enlarging them to look my eyes full, and now they shrink instead. You know how I love details.

  4. Woo-Hoo!!! Double-dip of the good stuff. I see now how it works—just perfect.

  5. LOVELOVELOVE the mercury glass votive and candle holders.

    Looks like a lovely party.

  6. Beautiful pictures of so many beautiful ladies! And I LOVE the advice given to the future bride! You are very blessed to have these long-time friends.

  7. Tonja, your table was truly beautiful, but the smiling faces in your pictures were even lovelier. That was such a sweet thing your friend Pam told her daughter-in-law … there's nothing like the bond of friendships that last through the years.

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