I know y’all are ready to hear about the ‘Unfortunate Turn of  Events’, but I need to tell our trip memories in order.  Why, no. No.  It has nothing to do with any memory ‘problems’.  It just makes more sense that way.  And, I try to make sense of everything I do.   No, I don’t always succeed, but I’m trying real hard here.  M’K ?

We had a wonderful time on the island of Oahu.  Patty and Joy went to Pearl Harbor.  Both were awed by the rememberance of the sacrifices made for our country.  They both made the coment that to walk upon the Arizona Memorial was like waking on hallowed ground.  I fully agree.  We spent the next day at The Polynesian Cultural Center, which I will blog about later.

On Wednesday, we prepared for our short flight over to Maui.  We had a shuttle coming to pick us up and take us to the airport.  Somehow, as we waited on the sidewalk, my feet became entangled…in what I don’t know…and I ended up on the ground.  Flat on the ground.  Besides feeling as if the whole of Waikiki saw me make this graceful exit, I really did hurt my hip and my ribs.  But, there are times when you just have to pretend something didn’t really happen…just a figment of your imagination.  And, one of those times is when you have a tight schedule to catch a flight to Paradise.  So on we went.  I would just think about it later.  I was just fine.  Fine, I tel you.  Just call me Grace!

And, so we made the flight and we got into the Mustang…barely!  And, off we went to our beautiful Ka’anapali Beach.  Checked in and cuaght a quick bite at a grill out by the beach!  Delicious!  Just a little exploring and home to get a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, we planned to take things easy, and just soak up some rays and rest and just veg out.  That’s just what we did.  Friends, there is no where on earth where it is so easy and beautiful to ‘ chill out’.    As I told a friend of mine recently..”  TIME SPENT WASTING TIME IS NEVER WASTED TIME.”

I am posting on this teeny computer I have.  And actually I think it is possessed.  By a mischievous imp.  I try to do things right, but this thing won’t let me.  I want to put pics where they belong…HA!  No way, Jose!  So here are a few pics from the above days….you can just insert then wherever you like.  It’ll be fun.  Promise!

surfboards match the flowers……fake tribal tattoos…….beautiful shades of green……..yummy sherbert on a HOT day……..breadfruit tree…..Waikiki Beach (in part)