It is Monday morning and we are here!  We arrived late last evening…right at the point of darkness.  But,we were able to tell that we were indeed back in Paradise, and   we went out on the beach  We sat at a table by the beach, got something cool to drink, and listened to the band. We watched some of the old beach boys as they packed up their little stalls for the night.  Soon, we decided we were going to pack it up for the night, as well.

I asked Joy and Patty before we retired to tell me their wonderful discovery and surprising joy.  Answers following”

Joy…(discovery)…Rainbow in a raincloud.

Joy…( joy)………..Watching Patty’s face as she saw the islands for the first time.

Patty…(discovery)…the beauty of this Paradise

Patty…(joy )…sharing and laughing with friends

We, of course, had plenty of funny things to laugh about.  Really, there is fun and funny things everywhere you go….IF you want to look for it!

Tonja…(discovery)…It is NOT a good thing to fly all the way to Hawaii from Atlanta…with no stops.  Not good for the body or soul! 

Tonja….(joy)…recognizing, once again, the blessing of being able to travel to beautiful places on this planet.

Speaking of the plane…our plane was equipped with the personal TV for each seat.  So, I watched 3 movies…and had time to watch one more.  Here’s my reviews….

THE KING’S SPEECH…WOW!  This si a gentle movie that moves along like a glimpse into the lives of these people.  There is some harsh language….but the way it is used in this movie…all the ‘bad word’ mentality is removed.  At least for me.  EXCELLENT!

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT…just another Katherine Heigl comedy about the guy, a baby, love, and marriage.  Funny…good chick flick…mindless entertainment.

EAT  PRAY  LOVE…..this is a true story of a magazine editor who takes a year off to ‘find herself”.  Played by Julia Roberts, she travels to Rome for food, India for prayer, and Bali for love.  I had read the book and enjoyed it tremendously!  The movie did not do it justice.  It plodded along.  It was entertaining enough with beautiful scenery, but it never captured the feeling of the book!

Tonja…DISCOVER#2…some things are better read than seen!

Well, Joy and Patty just left to go to Pearl Harbor and tour there.  I just needed to rest a little more after the day I had yesterday.  So, I’ll meet up with them later.   I’ll post as I can.   Enjoy these pics of our Hotel and Beach.    ALOHA !