1.Pop is doing great! He is feeling sore, but not really in pain. Doctors are very pleased!

2. Mom got sick during the night, and Joy brought her home early this morning. She insisted on spending the night with Pop. She must have picked up some sort of bug…throwing up, severe headache, etc. She’s not been able to get off the couch today. Not sure what tonight holds. We may be headed back to the ER with her.

3. Lori, Joy’s daughter, is at home trying to rid herself of 6 kidney stones! 6!!! She is in much pain, as you can well imagine!

4. Alex had a rough night, so I am running on little sleep.

5. Don and I had to go to the architect’s office this afternoon, because the builder is waiting for the lights. We had to OK some selections.

6. I have missed my first 2 days of school and the 3rd is looking ‘iffy’, too.

7. I missed my first weigh-in on the way to a new and fabulous me.

Life is like a blackberry cobbler…..I don’t like it when it has seeds in it!