What a perfect day to celebrate the beauty of God’s world…up close and personal! Don and I are ready to ride!

But, not just by ourselves…this is a day to spend with friends who are like family…Tina and Buddy and Pat and Bill. Fabulous breakfast compliments of Pat and Bill…YUM! Let’s go!

Oh, the open road! Sun shining, trees blowing in the wind, good music playing in the headphones…this is the life! I’ve heard that the only folks who really understand why a dog likes to stick his face out of a fast moving car window are motorcycle riders! 🙂

We passed little country churches…

…rivers just waiting to be fished in…

…sleepy little towns, decked out for the holiday.

But, even on this mode of travel, there must be stops here….

Well, I think I was getting a little bored here! But, hey, it’s a cool picture, isn’t it? Can you tell I am holding the camera?

The sun is beginning to set and we’re close to home now.

Memorial Day…remembering…and making new memories.