“Greater love has no man than this, that he lays down his life for his friends.”
John 15:19
I can recall talking to my grandmother Merritt years ago and getting her to tell us about her family when she was young. She recalled a time when her brother went off to war. Her Mother was very sad while he was gone and always felt uneasy. Once when she was walking down the dirt road to their house, her son came walking up the road to meet her. He told her he loved her, and walked on past. When she turned around to call him back…he had vanished. Granny Merritt said that she was inconsolable…she was certain he had been killed. The next day the “war men” as she called them came to their house to tell them about his death.

I know there are many stories such as this and similar to this that circulate among those who lose loved ones. Is it true? Do they really see their loved ones?
I have no clue. But, I will say this…the Bible states that to be …”absent from the body is to be present with the Lord…” 2 CR.5:8. So, I believe at the moment of death we are immediately in the presence of God. But, that’s what I believe…because I believe the Bible is true. However, does this mean those who are to undergo terrible pain and loss soon are not granted one more sight of the person they love so much? A loving God must grieve along with a mother and father who have lost their sons in battle…or those who have lost husbands and wives. I know God is great and powerful and is in control of all time and space. He can do what ever the situation warrants, if it is His will.

So…true or not? I have come to the conclusion…I’m not sure, but …”with God, all things are possible.” Matt.19:26

Hope your Memorial Day is filled with FOOD, FUN, FAMILY, and FOND REMEMBERENCE!