God has revealed Himself to our family this week and provided strength and comfort. We had a situation that we all had been praying about for sometime, and since we are so wise and full of knowledge above all, we had it figured out. We just felt sure God was going to come along for the ride…being that we had saved Him all the trouble of leading us. When we got our “news”…it was so not what we wanted to hear. And we were all dismayed. Why? We had prayed ABOUT it…and told Him exactly what we wanted, and when. But, God, who really IS wise and full of knowledge above all, said “not yet…you have some work to do first.” And looking at it now from the other side…He is right. There is work to be done first, and this way makes so much more sense. Imagine that!?! God knows what’s best for us! His ways and timing are perfect!
How much anguish we could save ourselves if we just remembered that from the start. Oh will we ever learn? This is an opportunity for growth in many ways and a chance to see God work things out …like He knows is best.