On my last post, I showed you some hydrangeas from my yard. I had them in a vase like this one in the pic below. I wondered if anyone would notice it, and comment. And sure enough…my eagle-eyed friend, the newest California girl, Teresa, noticed it and commented.

These (I have 2) are my new favorite vases. Here are the components.
I found these at that greatest of all stores…TJ**XX. There they were, just sitting on the shelf, waiting for someone to appreciate their wonderfulness. And I did! And I took them home with me. When I checked out, the cashier said,” What ARE those things, and what are you going to do with them?” I told her they were for arranging flowers. And that they were called ‘frog jars’. She said that they had all been wondering what they were…and nobody knew. Then she said, “Well, how did YOU know what they were?” Now how would you answer a question like that? We have all seen ‘flower frogs’ like this… I mean, how hard would it be to figure out? What else could it be? What else would you ever stick through those holes? And, whatever you stuck through those holes, why would you need them to go into a jar…that could hold water? If you put those 2 clues together…what else would you come up with? Well, she called together all the other cashiers at the checkout, at registers #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 to come and see what she had discovered. This did not make me a very popular shopper with the l-o-n-g line of people behind me who were waiting to check out, either. Oh, well…at least I did my part to educate the masses that day, because everyone behind the counter and in line knew all about my 2 flower vases!

I have never seen any more for sale there or anywhere else. I liked these because they had a rusty, antique feel to them. However, I did ‘google’..flower frog jars..and came up with this site that lists several places to buy them… www.thefind.com/kitchen/info-flower-frog-jar. Some of the ones shown there were in colored glass, and had a newer look to them. I know nothing about any of these businesses, I pass this along simply FYI.