Tuesday evening…..

Oh, where do I start this post? Wise Woman that I am…let me share some advice with you. Be very careful what you post…and what you pray. And, if you say a prayer IN a post…be extra, extra careful. First, read the last paragraph of yesterday’s post. I’d call that a prayer, wouldn’t you? Well, as I was writing it, that’s the way I meant it.

Today was haircut day for me, and as I was walking out the door, the telephone rang. It was Sweet Amy, my hair artist. Amy is the daughter of Tina, one of my BFF’s, and I love her dearly. She is the same age as my Adam, and they have been friends forever, too. Well, Amy asked if I would stop by the store and bring her some dog food and a large leash. She went on to tell me that she had rescued a dog and he was inside her salon. But, she had a hard time getting him in, and since most dogs have to potty at some point, she was going to have to take him outside. And she wanted to be able to get him back in. I was happy to do as she asked…and I did. When I got to her salon, there was the most beautiful dog. I don’t know much about breeds, but I think he is either a Golden Retriever or an Irish Setter. But his eyes…they were so sad. And mesmerizing. They looked just like a tiger’s eye…golden colored. Amy took him out and sure enough, he did not want to go back inside. It took us a little while to finally coax him back in. He ate up his food and then lay down on the floor and went to sleep. My heart was breaking, ya’ll. Amy could not take him, due to her living arrangements, so ..what to do? After my hair cut, I got in the car and called Don to ask if there was any way WE could keep him with us. I knew he would say no before I called, but I had to try. He told me to call the Humane Society. Well, friends…I just could not do that. This baby was so sad and skittish, and certainly had been traumatized. Every time a car horn would blow, he would jump and start shaking. What had he been through? He had been hanging around the salon for about a week and some other folks had fed him, but turned him back out. And it is on a very busy street. Makes me shudder! How could anyone throw this dog away? So…on to plan B. I called my son Adam, who happens to be celebrating his wedding anniversary today. He HAPPENED to be about a block away, so he came on to the salon. I think he lost his heart immediately. He and Suzanne already have a Rotwieller mix…a beautiful animal and a real sweetheart. They rescued her from a shelter. Adam picked him up (by this time, I had named him Sunny) and put him in the back of my SUV. And he got in beside him. Off to the vet we went. He would not walk into the office, so we had to carry him in. And, he never barked or snapped or made any move to stop us. We left him at the vet, to clean him up and check him and all the rest. They called Adam a few minutes ago, and said that he was fine…just a few parasites. Adam is on the way to get him as we speak. Now what am I going to do with this dog? OH, and he is NOT a he…she’s a she. She is 2 years old and a Golden Retriever/ Australian Shepherd mix.

Wednesday morning…..

Hi again.. the saga of Sunny continues… Adam thought that maybe he and Suzanne could keep Sunny, but things did not go well when the 2 dogs were introduced to each other. They began fighting, and they had to keep them separate all night. This morning, I have called every vets office here and no one has reported her missing. So, at this point, she is going back to Sweet Amy at the salon, while the rest of us try our best to find her a home.

Pray with me please about a place for her to live with lots of love. I believe if the Lord led all of us to rescue this animal, He has a place for her to live.


Just got word that Tina, Sweet Amy’s mom, has called a vet who goes to our church to tell him about Sunny. He is going to board her and try to adopt her out to a good family. Dr. Holland is a fine person and we all feel sure that he will do the right thing for her. So, thanks for your prayers andgood thoughts.