On May 10 I showed you pics of the sweet critters at my house. Sweet Thing and Chubby Hubby. Well this morning when I got up at 4:30 to let the dog out…there was Sweet Thing…sitting on her egg. When I got up for real at 7:00…she was gone, and she hasn’t come back..neither has Chubby Hubby…I have not seen them all day. We have been so careful going in and out of the house, and they had gotten so used to us that they would just watch us as we would enter. So, I don’t think we did anything to scare them. The egg is still there, and is not cracked. Now I am not a nature expert, by any means, so do any of you know why the birds would abandon their nest and egg? I would love to know what happened.

Another thing I don’t understand…why does this make me feel so sad? I mean, it’s just 2 wild birds, for heaven’s sake. I guess my heart has been touched by these little creatures. Seeing them work so hard building their nest, and watching how they would take turns sitting on the egg, has been so sweet. Seeing how the Chubby Hubby would sit on the limb over the porch keeping watch over them has been amazing. And even though I am 53, I have still been in awe at the working of our Lord. How He put this love and caring and knowledge into even the smallest of creation fills me with awe. As a preschool teacher for many years, one of the Bible thoughts I have taught many children is, “Think of the wonders of God…”Job 37:14. This has been running through my mind . And I also know the verse that says”…He knows when even the smallest bird falls…” So that says to me, that even our mighty God knows about this little bird family who made their home on my porch.

I hope I never get so old that I cease to be amazed at the wonders of God, large or small. I pray that I will never take for granted what a wonderful world He created for us. And my desire is that my heart will always be tender for the weak or the hurting in this world…human or not. We are all God’s workmanship.