We got home about 5:30 yesterday, in our 2 car caravan! Joy leading (cause she THINKS she is a better driver than me)…Mom in the back seat laying down. Me driving follow-up (because like Pop said, it’s a lot harder to follow than be the leader…it takes more skill!)…with Pop riding beside me. Quick stop to fuel up the cars in Hoover, then a quick stop to fuel up ourselves at Smoothie King. Joy, being the sensible, dutiful daughter drove straight on home and deposited Mom safely inside on the couch. Pop and I however, had plans of our own. We thought it would be a shame…a real sad, crying shame to drive right past Sike’s and Kohn’s and not stop.*****(For my friends who do not travel the roads from Dothan to Birmingham…S&K is a huuuuuge barn like building that sells jeans, all kinds, children’s clothes, purses, and ladies clothes and SHOES….lots and lots of S.H.O.E.S….I’m talking thousands of jeans and hundreds and hundreds of those lovely leather foot coverings! It is a must stop if you need any kind of sports shoes, or athletic shoes or dressy shoes or cute shoes….or jeans…or flip flops…or men’s underwear,…OK I’ll stop.)****They were closed when we stopped by on the way up, which happened to be Easter Sunday…not that we would have gone shopping for cute shoe and jeans on Easter Sunday or anything…I’m just saying.

So, Pop, being the kind and loving Father that he is said, “Tonja Lynn, I’m gonna be real disappointed if you do not stop and shop.” Now I have tried to be a good daughter all my life…I have tried to set a good example for Joy to follow..”I do what I can.”…and I have never wanted to sadden my Pop or disappoint him in any way. And I certainly did not think that today was the day to start. We were all tired…I have the same clothes on that I put on Monday morning at 4:00, they have been worn, slept in, stretched out and acquired some mysterious stains, but if there’s a chance to go to S&K…I’m going. And I did. I even walked around in my sunglasses for a while and wondered why they did not turn some lights on.

Well, Pop headed to the jeans and found his size…they only had 1 pair! Out of a million pairs of jeans…1 pair in his size! So, to make us both feel a little better about the deal…I broke down and bought 3 pairs of shoes…3…and the way I figure it that averages out to 2 things each and I think that sounds very reasonable and not overboard at all! I know you friends…you agree with me…I know you do!

We skipped joyfully back to the car and proceeded on home…he, proud of a daughter with such fine math reasoning skills, and me, proud of a daddy that still likes to indulge his daughters!
1. In the cause of full disclosure…and because I am quick to admit the few shortcomings that I have…Joy is an excellent driver,,,somewhat,,,well a lot better than me. See, she doesn’t have to deal with the hardships in driving that I do. She gets in,,,buckles,,,cranks,,and drives…her one track mind focused on just one thing…driving her vehicle to its appointed destination…safely and 2 miles under the 10 mile over the speed limit speed limit.

2. I, on the other hand, must make the musical selection for the trip depending on destination and purpose. Music is very important to set the proper mood for driving,
Next, I move all the baggage I have been carrying in my SUV for a month so it would be easier to deliver it to the right place because it is already with me…back into the house in hope that the next try will be successful. Next, there has to be a blanket in case my legs get cold,,,and my ME pillow of the little girl saying “I’M IN CHARGE HERE !!! in case anyone forgets. Next, there has to be cute little lap towels for using when it is necessary to dine in the car, We must protect the cuteness of out carefully selected driving attire. Shirley and Tina taught me this tip, but I think it originated with the famous Miz Ollie, who is the epitome of Southern genteelness…also mother of Shirl…and also recovering nicely at the home of her daughter, Sue. OK, now we must make the snack selection. This is, of course different from the dining selection. Car snacks must be easy to open with 1 hand, and not prone to leave residue falling down the front of your cute driving attire. A cool, refreshing drink will fall into this category. And, it should be in a cup, with a lid and a looooong straw, so you will not have to dip your eyes to find that sucking apparatus. Luggage goes into the back-back of the SUV,,,,carefully selected Vera Bradley luggage, may I add, and is held in place by the wonderful mesh net that stretches across the width of the car, Kudos to the inventor who came up with this delightful apparatus.
Preparation complete.
Just as Joy shuts out any distraction, and carries out her assigned driving duties…I say, sadly, distractions are the spice of life. Not always a good thing,
but a reality. I wonder why that nice looking couple is driving that beat up old van. Why is that girl driving so fast…talking on her cell phone. She must be heading back to school..her car is jam packed with stuff. The girl that has her feet up on the dashboard needs a pedicure….her with her feet out there for the whole world to see. How can that 16 year old boy even appreciate that BMW he’s driving? See, these are questions that are passing by quicker than I can process answers to them. Oh, but I try.

3. Merging..I do not like this. I do not like it in a car. I do not like it in a SUV. I really, really do not like it on a motorcycle. I, personally, think traffic lights are the way to go. It is very clear, then, who can go and who must wait. Some of the idiot drivers on the Interstate system think that once they get on it, they have only to think of themselves and no one else. And how can you get up enough speed to merge in while going up the dizzying circle of a ramp? I mean, those other driver KNOW people have to merge. Wold it kill them to move over a lane and let this poor driver in? I know merging is necessary…but I do not like it..at all. Joy, however, does it with no problem. Just as smooth as glass. I think Pop spent more time teaching her than me!

4.I do not always follow through with my intended plans. I planned to post this last night, but I was so sleepy, I didn’t have time to spell-check.

5. I am not a good speller, and I do not like to see misspelled words.

4. CON’T. It is now Wednesday morning. Adam had surgery this morning for a deviated septum…went well. Ian drove home last night from B’ham …after class…arriving at 3:30 this AM. He is looking at 2 apartments to rent, and then he is driving back to B’ham today. Does he not need rest? Yes, of course he does. And, I told him so…but he just smiled as he drove out of the driveway. I have such a big influence in my children’s lives. They listen to my wise counsel and take it to heart! 🙂

6. This post is finished…it is already going to take me an hour to do all the spell check fixing. Why does spell check always tell me that ‘Tonja’ is spelled wrong? I know how to spell my own name.

I am home…God is good…All is well