Alex and I have just finished watching the delightful movie, ENCHANTED. This is a Disney Film, and it lives up to it’s illustrious name. Everything about the movie was fun…clean…and happy!

The movie begins in cartoon form, with a rather familiar storyline. But, it quickly goes in a different direction altogether. There is funny dialogue, funny sight gags, and funny situations. And the music and songs are terrific! You’ll be humming them as you leave the theater.

I would encourage you to see this with your family. Any age, with a heart for a sweet fairy tale, will love this movie. I laughed out loud at some parts. Now this is not going to be a message movie, or cause you to think deeply and examine your life…nothing hard like that. Just good, old fashioned fun and laughter and song. No embarrassing parts, either.

So go…go this week,,,and take someone who likes to laugh…regardless of age. You can thank me later!