Today is Alex’s birthday.  He is 29 years old.  I don’t know if I can tell you all that is in my heart about this young man.   He was always different from his brothers. They both had a darker coloring like me and Don…Alex was blond, blue eyes, and very fair skin. 

 He’s always thought and acted on a different level.  His spirit is that of a gentle soul.  He has an amazing tenderness, but he also is strong and brave.   Adam and Ian both got their fair share of spankings, but a spanking wounded Alex’s spirit…that was not the way to discipline him.  He had to write me a full page report on the subject at hand.  Oh, how he didn’t want to do that!

 Cousins at play…NC…….1985


We became aware of his disease when he was in the 8th grade, and it changed the life of our whole family.  Instead of going off to college, with fraternities, and studies, and girlfriends…he went to doctors, and doctors and more doctors.  Instead of choosing a major and making career plans….he was trying medicine and therapies to help him deal with pain.  Instead of walking in graduation and receiving his diploma and degree…..he was trying out wheelchairs and walking canes to help him stay mobile.

He is blessed to have 2 brothers who love him and are always there for him to lean on.  He has a SIL who loves him also. He has cousins who would do anything for him.  He has aunts and uncles who help us search for doctors.  He has a Dad who has provided him with a beautiful apartment in our home.  Here he has complete privacy and we are near to help if need be.  His grandparents have always spent hours in prayer for him and have been a source of strength.  Many of our friends are available for him at a moment’s notice.

Even though he is in such terrific pain all the time, he reaches down deep and summons the strength to get out and be with those he loves.

He shows us all the meaning of bravery, and is an inspiration to any one who knows him.  And…he has a new best friend!

As his mother, my heart breaks every day.  I see him suffering and I want to do something…anything.  But,  we have been to doctors all over the country.  We are continually searching for someone who knows enough about his disease to offer him some help.  We are confident that God will lead us to that person, if that is His will for Alex.  And, if it’s not, then we will continue depending on Him for strength each day.  We will praise Him for all that He has blessed us with.   Look at how He blessed us in the middle of the pain and helplessness.  He led us to a doctor who fixed so much of his vision.  This was just dropped in our lap…we weren’t searching for it or seeking help for his vision.  But, God knew…and in His time, He gave Alex his vision back, by working through his brother, Ian.  And, the biggest bonus…Adam is seeing much, much better also.  What a reminder that He is watching all the time, and He knows what we need.  I thank Him for sending Alex to our family.  He has taught us all such lessons, and he fill our life with joy.  Happy, Happy Birthday!