This is not a natural occurrence around the Owens’ home, but today, I felt like Suzy Homemaker. All day.

First I loaded up the dishwasher, then washed them, then washed the ones that didn’t get clean in the dishwasher. UGG! That is so ANNOYING to me! And then I put all the wet glasses out on a towel to dry, because the dishwasher DOES NOT DRY THEM!!!

Then, I put up all the remaining decorations from the shower away, and set the table with my pretty acorn dishes.

I bought this great muffin tin last year at Williams-S*n*ma. Strange, I know. Mom was with me when I bought it and I remember her saying, “What are you buying THAT for…you will never use it!” HA! Look what I did, Mom!

Now, I know she would have been immensely prouder of me if I had made the banana bread from scratch, but that would be pushing it juuuuuust a little too far! Besides, this is the only kind of banana bread my family has ever had from me and I wouldn’t want to shock them too bad!

Then I put them in this great piece I got last week with Tina and Shirl. And, I actually felt quite proud! Don’t they look good?

Can you smell them? Yummy!

Why, yes! Yes, they were delicious!

Now, the directions said that you should take 2 of these and spread softened cream cheese on 1 and top with the other. Like a little acorn sandwich! Well, I was feeling all baking goddess like, but there has to be a limit! And, besides I was still in my cuddly sweats and I would have to change to go to the grocery store, and I just couldn’t push myself to do it. And, I haven’t seen many baking goddess types shopping at the W*nn-D*x*e!

And, then came a knock upon my door. And who should come in to sample my baking prowess but my sweet friend, Addison, Patty’s granddaughter. She thought I did really well, too!

And, then I remembered that Alex does not like banana nut muffins. His favs are blueberry. So, I quickly made him a batch while I was still in the kitchen. That was a couple of hours ago. He has just woken up and came into the studio and asked me if I could please make him something sweet to eat. And, right before his eyes, I produced a batch of blueberry muffins! The smile that crossed his face was worth more than all the cute pans in the world!

And that is just about all the steam I can muster up to work in the kitchen today. Hmmm. I have some chicken salad in the refrigerator….wonder if you could make little acorn sandwiches with that? Well, now…I think that sounds like a mighty fine supper. OK…so I’m ODing on domesticity…maybe I’ll just order a pizza!