I promised to get a picture of the cousins to compare with the one I showed you yesterday. They didn’t fight me too bad today…even though they would have been just as happy if I had not even said the word ‘picture’! So here they are…in the same order they were in the first pic.
L to R…Ian…Lori…Alex…Tara…Adam.



And, since my name is “MUD” for showing you the cute Easter picture from their childhood….I’ll just show you another picture where their names were “MUD”!

This is one of my most favorite pictures of them. We had travelled to NC to visit our family. They were sort of bored…what with them being ‘city kids’ and all. So, someone had the bright idea to turn the waterhose on in Aunt Marie’s driveway. Well, it didn’t take long until they were covered in mud…every one of them…and every inch of them. They had the time of their lives! And, none of them had ever been that dirty before. Probably not since, either! I remember my Granny Merritt kept telling us that they were going to get ‘ground itch’. I don’t know if they did or not…but they wanted a repeat mud hole the next day. They didn’t get it though! I remember how we sprayed them off with the hose while they were still outside. And, after the girls had gone inside to the tub, the boys got soaped down, shampooed, and sprayed off outside. They didn’t think it was possible to get a bath outside. That was another thing they learned that day!

I’m sure my family in NC knows just where this photo was taken…and may even remember this day! A big Easter (((HUG))) goes out to them!

A better report on our Easter day to follow.