Day 3, we got up a little early, so as to get more packed into the day. Tina and Shirley left to go check in with Paula…no luck today. Oh well. Sorry Paula! They come back to retrieve their queen and we start the day with a trolley tour. Mary had got us all set up and had a shuttle to come and pick us up. The tour was 90 minutes, but the ticket allowed you to ride all day. Which meant you could use it as transportation around town, getting off and on at various stops. We took the complete tour first, and it was very informative. Savannah is built around many squares and much of the early architecture is still intact. There are some…no, many…magnificent homes. And beautiful churches. The term the guide used was an urban forest, because of all the live oak trees planted in each square. Another interesting fact..Savannah, itself, is the protected historic feature. Not the houses, or churches…but the city. The way it is laid out is protected. They can never do anything to altar the layout of the city.

Finish the tour, and start around again, but get off soon to do some exploring on our own. We find some neat shops we have read about and look through them with interest. There is a shop that intrigues me, but the Princesses…not so much. So they go to see if we can meet and eat with Paula for lunch…not today…all filled up. Sorry Paula! We decide to eat at a delightful place, the GRYPHON TEA ROOM…it comes highly recommended. It was fabulous! I had fried goat cheese salad, Tina had quiche…Shirley, chicken Salad and fruit. So yummy and great atmosphere! No room for dessert. We begin our walk back to the motel, pausing to sit and play fashion police for a while. LOOK! We spy a cupcake bakery and decide it was put there for a purpose…to provide us with a tasty treat. So, it would be wrong not to partake. So we did! Good thing we did so much walking! It is so pleasant to walk through all these lovely parks…so shady and cool…and great benches to rest weary legs. As we continue our trek to the motel, guess where we pass by? Paula’s Place! I ask the hostess if we can make a reservation for 3…she said, “Come on in, you can eat right now!” I so hated to say that I meant for tonight. We were just too full from our lunch and cupcake! Sorry Paula! She just smiled and shook her head. PAULA, OUR TIME IS GETTING SHORT. Because my feet are now the size of 2 of Paula’s country hams, we decide to catch the trolley back to the River, and finish the rest of the River Street shops. Bad choice…nothing but junk! Thankfully, a trolley comes along in just a few minutes, we catch a ride and end up very close to where we can rest our bodies for the night. We manage to fit in just one more antique store before closing time…it was within walking distance of the hotel. But, by the time we get there, we are all just too, too tired. Sit and talk with Mary a while…mostly cause we are too tired to move! Make it upstairs, and I fall into bed. We ordered pizza to the room, and soon began to let beautiful sleep heal our tired bodies.

Day 3 has gone, The night is here. Our thanks go up for times of cheer.