Our last day…time does fly when you’re having fun. Shirl and Tina let me sleep a little late, and once again, they head out to Paula’s Place to secure us a seating for dinner tonight…it’s our last chance. Off they go, while I finish getting ready. The phone is ringing as I get out of the shower. “How bad do you want to eat here?” they say, “we will have to stand in this line for at least an hour, and then there is no guarantee we’ll get a reservation.” So, it comes down to this, huh, Paula? You are making us choose….shopping or eating? “Come on back,” I say, “she had her chance. We have got a house to furnish!” So, for the last time, SORRY PAULA !
In just a few minutes. the girls are back and I am ready, and off we go. We were told about a very nice gallery that was close enough to walk to. We decided to start there.

Well, my friends, we had us a fine experience here. What an exciting place! The owner, Vincent, met us at the door and bid us come in and we did. It was like entering another world. His shop is on the second floor of one of the original warehouses built along the River. He deals mostly in Chinese art and antiquities. We looked around and then he asked us what we were looking for. Oh, the pieces he showed us! Since Alex is decorating his apt. in an Asian style, I was looking for a chest for his den. I found it….just waiting for me to come along and pick it up. And, here it is:

The next piece I needed was a long piece for my front foyer. This was actually used as a kitchen piece, but its width and length are perfect for my foyer. These pics don’t do justice to the beauty of the wood. And of course, it needs a good dusting and waxing. But, here is what I found:
And, then I spied this table. It has just the right amount of red paint, fading and distressed just the perfect amount…a perfect sofa table. So, now this is mine, too.

I also bought a window covering that is carved out of teak to be used as a wall hanging. Vincent then asked what else I was looking for. I told him that I was sure he didn’t have a farm table that seated 12 like I was looking for, so I was finished.
“Come with me,”he said, “let’s go to my house.” He walked out the door of the gallery and we followed him…not knowing where we were going. Well, he led us down a few flights of stairs and a steep slope and then opened up some very, very old sliding warehouse doors. In we walked…his house. What a surprise! Even though it was on the bottom floor, it had the feel of a loft in some big city. Right outside was the River. He had some of the most glorious furniture and art work. What a feast for the eyes! We followed him to the dining area and there was the most wonderful table. It was exactly what I have been looking for. Then he said for us to look underneath, and we did. Some of the most beautiful hand work was done on the underside. This is not like any table I have ever seen before. “Now, follow me,” he said. And he led us to these:

His table was made from a set of doors like these…and he has another set. These doors, and all the other furniture is from a temple in Mongolia. In this area of China, they have had to flood some of the provinces. They have relocated the people, and, of course, all the houses and shops and temples were left behind. He went in and bought up several temples and all that was in them. These doors are over 300 years old and are an elm wood. The other set is longer, so my table will be about 10 feet long. It is in the process of being made, and all the furniture will be delivered when I call for it. Can you just imagine how excited I am?

While we were in his home, we noticed all the artwork on his walls, and commented on the pieces. They were all so vibrant and full of life. We asked who the artist was and he handed Shirley a book. She looked at it and realized that HE was the artist. Then he said that his painting was his work and the furniture was just a passion. He quickly realized that we simple Southern Ladies were not knowledgable about the art world. He pulled up his art web site and showed us some of his work. I almost fell over when I saw that some of his paintings go for up to $800,000.00. That is eight hundred thousand dollars! Oh, my, word! The cheapest went for $30,000.00.
What an interesting morning we spent there! It was such a treat! And, the furniture will be very different from anything anyone else may have.

***Thus ends the morning of our last day in Savannah. Afternoon details tomorrow.***