Morning came early, on this Day 2 of our trip. We all slept a little longer than usual, but oh, how nice! This place has wonderful beds! Fast breakfast, and a confab with Mary, we set off with our maps at the ready! This is one more beautiful city. Plan to stop by and make a reservation at Paula Deen’s place, but line is around the block…will try tomorrow. Sorry Paula! Follow the route…for a while. First stop…

Yummy! The perfect way to start any day! Since Tina had spent her high school years here (her dad was a Methodist pastor), we decided to see if we could track down any of the places she remembered. We found the church…but sadly, it had been closed the first of June. What a sad thing it is to see a House of God closed because of low interest. It had only about 25 members when it was closed. We saw the parsonage where Tina lived right next door. She took lots of pics, and as she was getting back in the car, noticed an elderly woman across the street walking her dog. She looked familiar, and sure enough she was the lady who used to take Tina and her brother to school. They were able to talk over times past and catch up on the present. What a neat thing for Tina! We thanked the Lord for bringing her outside at just the time to be noticed by Tina! We then drove by the high school. It was a massive 3 story building. Sweet remembrances for Tina.

Now, on to the antique shopping! Mary had told us several places to go…and so we did. First stop, I found this precious chair! It is called a Morris Chair and is considered to be the first recliner. This one is very small…but it will have a place in my studio.

From here, we went to a store that specialized in architectural salvage. I found several neat pieces here. They had an small antique chandelier from an old estate in Savannah. Perfect for over a table in my back foyer. Then I found the most wonderful doors and gates. The owners of this store had recovered many pieces from the isle of Montserrat in the Caribbean after a volcanic eruption. They had several wonderful pieces, along with wonderful gates and doors. I purchased a capital from the top of a salvaged temple column. It is over 400 years old. The many layers of paint are wonderful!

One more antique store…if my legs will hold out! JACKPOT!!! LOOK AT THESE!!!

Just what I had been looking for! These are going to be used to build a cabinet around my TV in the den. I don’t understand just how, but I know it has to be great! These doors are from colonial times in America and were the doors on a pie safe. Can you see the latch? Beautiful carving on the bottom, too.

Also, much to my delight, this antique store had a whole section dedicated to Japanese books and artifacts. Alex loves studying the Japanese…the art, the culture, the people. He took Japanese as his language requirement in High School. He plans to decorate his apartment in the Japanese style. So, I was able to find several books for him as well as a wonderful 7 foot scroll from a temple there. Had a fascinating lesson on rugs here and learned much. Wonderful teacher, too! We decided then that not only my wallet, but also, our tummies were empty. We shopped right through lunch! So, we say good-bye to all the treasures left to find…and set out toward home and sustenance for the body. We find a lovely place that looks out over the River, and decide that will do nicely. We eat our meal with soothing piano music played nearby.

Day 2 has gone, as has the sun…We found the treasure, we shared the fun!