Tomorrow is Father’s Day. And, I bet you a shiny red apple that I will hear him say tomorrow, “Every day is Father’s Day.” And, he really feels that way!

Last year, on Father’s Day, my Mom had the whole family together at her house. She was sick and did not feel like cooking and preparing for us. I know that Pop stayed right with her for 2 days, helping her with whatever she asked of him….peeling potatoes, shicking and cleaning corn…whatever was hardest for her. He knew how much she wanted to have us all and he wanted it for her as much as she did. As it turned out, that was the last time we all ate one of her most wonderful meals.

Now, Pop wants us all to eat with him, at his house, tomorrow. And, Joy, great sister and daughter that she is, has cooked all the food. Looking forward to us all being together. Ian came home last night so he could be here with us, too.

So…just sharing some pictures that are special to me…

Our little family, many years ago…

On one of many trips to NC, Pop would pull off the road when he saw a good place. And, he would get Alex or Ian or Adam out of the carseat, and take them for a short walk to stretch their legs…and his, too, I imagine! Here he is with little Alex…love this pic.

My family around 1986. My boys have been blessed with Donald as their Father. He is a Godly man, and has set the highest example for his sons.

A sweet picture, though not clear, of Don, his father and Adam…in 1975.

Happy Father’s Day to all…but especially to my Pop!