The image of a lamb is not what you would expect for the Creator of the Universe, but that’s the title Jesus takes upon himself. He came to earth not as a conquering warlord or a political leader, but as a humble sacrifice for our sins.

The description of a person who sits on the throne of God in Heaven is not, perhaps, what we might expect of the mighty ruler of the Universe-a humble lamb! But Jesus submitted himself to death on our behalf like a humble lamb to the slaughter, and now reigns in Heaven!

Jesus was fully man and fully God. Nowhere is this more clear than when John the Baptist declares that Jesus is the Son of God and the Lamb of God!

“…John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ‘LOOK, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!'” John1:29

OK…..These are just for fun! I couldn’t resist! In their Easter finery…..

Playing games…




  1. I'm so thankful for that Lamb!

  2. Best Easter post of all so far, Tonja. That the King of Glory would become like a lamb is so unthinkable, yet is the very expression of how deeply He loves us.

  3. Sweet Tonja,
    You know my heart when it comes to lambs; thank you for today's blog!
    A Blessed and Beautiful Easter is wished for you with all my love,

  4. I just love all the pictures you find to post.

    Thank you for the scriptures – I need them today.

  5. Southern Lady |

    Awww, Tonja … I love sheep and lambs and loved seeing those pictures. And have you ever noticed how many pictures there are of Jesus holding a lamb?

    Beautiful post for this Maundy Thursday.

  6. Love Being a Nonny |

    …and I am so thankful for that lamb of God. And thankful for sins forgiven…and grace. Happy Easter.

  7. I've never thought of lambs depicting Easter, but these are wonderful. Great post.


  8. Just Breathe |

    Beautiful post. Love all the lamb pictures. Happy Easter.

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