I have been in and feeling bad for tooooo long.   I started on another medicine this week and it has helped tremendously in getting my heart rate down.  I’m not near 100% yet, but, I’m lots better! And, so, I was looking forward to being able to go to church today.  I even had our clothes ironed and ready.   I have missed being there and missed worshipping with ‘my family’.

Yesterday,  the Creekhouse played host to my sweet friend Olivia and her 13th birthday party!  It was such a delight!  And, the perfect kind of party for me!  They brought the guests, they brought the food, and they took all the mess home with them!  Olivia’s Mom, Terri,  has been a friend of mine since SHE was a little girl.  (Don’t think too long about that…it may make me seem old…or something).  I was her piano teacher way back in 1976 or so, and then we have been friends at church with she and her husband and 3 beautiful girls.  Terri has known Adam since he was very little, and so came to know Suzanne.  She was instrumental in helping Suze get a job when she came back to Dothan.  And, Terri, her husband, Brian, and Suzanne all teach at the same school.  Whew! Lots of history there.

*********NOTE TO OLIVIA:  Something dredful happened to my pictures.  I don’t know how to explain it, but they were on the card, and then they were on the computer and then a big grey box covered them all up.  I wish I could explain it…or fix it.  I even got Alex up to look at it…he had never seen anything like it before…and he’s a computer genius!!! So, so sorry!  I’m just going to tell everybody about them.  I’m sure they’ll be able to see them in their mind.  XXXXXX Yes, they  will.  ‘K ?************

Here’s some great pictures we made at the party.  Here is me and Olivia Older Sister.  I’m the short one.  She’s the beautiful tall one. She likes artsy things, too!  And, she’s a TEENAGER!   Next is Faith Ellen Middle Sister holding Sweet Levi.  Isn’t she just the cutest thing…and she’s way smart too, and dances, too.   And Levi…well…he’s just so full of cute it’s busting out all over!!  Next is Maybry Younger Sister, doing a very good trick in the pool.  Can you see?  She was standing there and then she bent over and picked up her foot ond pulled her whole leg straight up in the air !  And, she smiled while she did it!  She’s a dancer and a real good swimmer, too.  She wanted me to try doing the trick with her, but we did not have a net on a pole big enough to get me out!  And, I’m pretty sure I would not have smiling either.  Then, here’s the presents, and here are all 12 girls in the pool….playing and splashing! 

After the fun was over, Suzanne and I rode over to Targ*t, to get this:

Have you seen these things?  It is amazing what all it does.  Amazing to me, at least.  But, remember, I’m just a NEW grandmother…not a VETERAN grandmother. 🙂 So, I’m just getting used to how much things have changed since about 1986.

This thing can be a bassinet, or a changing table, or a play mat with toys overhead.  AND…a play yard.  It will sing to Levi, or vibrate.  It even has a remote control, so I do not even have to move…but I will, of course!  It also folds with the touch of a button, has pockets all over to hold my Diet Dr Pepper while I’m changing him, and wheels so he can push it around behind me…..if he wants to follow me.  🙂

All this because he is going to stay with me 3 days a week when his Mom goes back to work.  And, we here in this Owens home, are so excited.   We are Ready Freddy !

Adam came and he and Suzanne took Levi swimming.  We sat and talked,  and talked and sat, and they swam and we talked.  I made some supper and we ate in shifts…between the sitting and talking and swimming.  After they went home, we went to bed.  And when I tried to swing my legs over the side of the bed to get up……

I can hardly move.  A soon as the pain meds and muscle relaxers wear off…it starts back.  And, those of you whose backs go out know there is not really much to do but rest, and take your meds, and wait.  At least I can use my computer a little.  But, between this pain, and missing church, and the computer destroying my beautiful pictures of Olivia and the party . I’m losing it.  Maybe it’s some sort of conspiracy to drive me bonkers!  The computer and my back must be in cahoots.  Well..maybe they are or maybe they’re not…no mind…I’m still very close to the BONKER level !



Well, that makes me feel a little better.  Are you one of the ‘best people’, too?

PS.  It’s Monday and my back is a teeny bit better…at least I can go to the potty without yelling!




  1. Poor Tonja! I know just what back pain feels like and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Well, maybe I would. But not on you! Hope you feel better soon.

    And you're going to have so much fun taking care of Levi! Grandchildren are the best – until they turn into teenagers and then that's a whole other story!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Back pain is the worst! Isn't it amazing how things have changed since our babies were babies? How wonderful that you are blessed with taking care of Levi – I am sure he will be blessed also. Have fun!

  3. I really could see the pictures in my mind! What a great pool party!

    Haven't things changed so? I mean we just called it a play pen… they practically raise the child for you. It is a whole different world!

    So sorry about the back! That is no fun…….and you need to get it all fixed up if you're gonna be toting a grand boy around! 🙂

  4. I hope your back is feeling much better by now, Tonja.

    I felt like I was almost bonkers on Monday. After being so dreadfully disappointed over having laryngitis at my family reunion, and still feeling completely miserable with this darn cold, I took hours to put together a post about the weekend, hit “publish” and discovered that half the post had disappeared into cyberspace.

    I’m so happy that you will get to keep Levi!

  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your back. Are you a chiropractic believer? Sometimes I think it's the only thing that keeps me going. I'm amazed at the baby set contraption thingy. I am certain they didn't have that way back 6 years ago. Hope you and your back are back on track. PS- Yes, I'm completely 100% bonkers.

  6. Sounds like you are being hit hard. I am so sorry. ((HUGS)) Hope the new medication is working and that your back gets better. Also I hope that somehow someway those pictures will be found. Love that new piece of equipment for Levi. How awesome that you will be watching him. Feel better soon!

  7. Bless your heart! I'm so sorry you have felt so bad. I hope by now, you're feeling much much better.


  8. Hey my FRIEND! i am so sorry about your pain! Love the quote. Oh man do I love it! 🙂

    Aren't those things the coolest ever? So fabulous!

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