Yes, I know that I’ve skipped Saturday. I’ll go back to it…but right now I just want to share our Sunday morning experience.
I came to Maui a couple of years ago with my 2 BFF, Shirl and Tina. We stayed at this hotel, and discovered that they had a morning worship service. So, as I was planning this trip I chose the same hotel and made sure we were here on a Sunday!

We met under a thatched roof, open air pavilion on the grounds of the hotel. They provide it free of charge to this ministry. This happens to be the only hotel on this part of the island that does. The ministry is run by a lady in her 70’s. She became ordained, moved to Maui, and started this ministry. She marries people weekly, and has a benevolence team to help those in need, and she does this service on Sundays.

It was so neat that right in the midst of people having breakfast in the open air restaurant, people splashing in the pool, people lounging on chairs soaking up the rays, people in the bar ordering drinks…there was also a group of people worshiping and thanking the Maker and Provider of it all! God is so good. His creations are evidence of his glory.

We sang together and prayed together..people of all faiths. There was a family band who sang with ukulele. They danced the hula and led us in worship. Then we read from the Bible and heard a message on the Lord’s Prayer. Such a sweet service, and God was right there in our midst!

I delight in breathing the sea air. I love seeing the trees, gnarled and twisted by the wind. I love sitting on the balcony and watching the ocean and occasionally seeing the whales in a distance as the break the surface. I love the scents of flowers in every hue. And, I love the fruits that taste so much ‘fruitier’ here. God is good! God is great!

I thank God for the beauty and majesty of His creation. He made this place just for me! And, you, too. And, you!

I thank Pop for making it possible for Joy and I to be here for this time together. You are a very special man. We give you honor and thanks for who you are and the legacy you live.

Gotta go! Time for the next adventure! There is one waiting around every corner…and we are trying to take advantage of every single one!

“This is the day that the Lord has made!” We intend to rejoice and be happy in it! Hope you do, too!