Up on Saturday with a few plans for another day of fun! And it was! Fortunately, we were there for another art show held at the Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina. It is held several times throughout the year and features some wonderful artists.

When Don and I were there 2 years ago, we bought a wonderful print on canvas that we both loved. It is now hanging in the Creek House. AND, I found some more prints today to hang in our bedroom. Just have to take them to the framers. Joy found a few pieces as well.

I know that I am getting older and forgetful, and so is Joy! But, we didn’t realize, until we saw this pic that we were dressed so much alike! Great minds, you know!

When we left the art show, we decided to go Upcountry to some little towns I know of. They are located on the drive going to Hana. But, they are not too far up, so the drive is not bad at all. When you make this drive…to the town of Paia, you pass some beautiful churches. Here is one of them…it is so beautiful. And, the grounds are immaculate.

And, this is another one that sits in a fork in the road. I know it’s hard to tell, but the roof is copper, and has the most beautiful verdi gris patina.

Now, this is the reason that I went Upcountry. I wanted Joy to see this view. This picture is not good, so it is hard to see what is so beautiful. The pic is a little cloudy looking, and actually I made this picture when I was there with Don. So, all the land that looks barren, is covered now with tall green sugar cane. If you click on the picture, I think it may be easier to see. I love the way the mountain comes right down to the ocean. And, the palm trees swaying against the aqua of the ocean, is so peaceful and calm. I like the angles the mountains make as they slope down to the ocean twice. I wish I had a better picture. This is my favorite scene in the whole island.

Now, the little old hippie town of Paia is also the home of my favorite restaurant on the island, Mama’s Fish House. It is not just my fav, but the most popular restaurant there…so you really need a reservation. Well, after we had driven up there, we decided that we should just go by and check and see if it was possible to eat there today. We thought that since we were there early evening, there may be a chance. It was about 4:30. We asked the valet guy what the chances were and he said good, so we decided to give it a try. And, when I told the gentleman at the desk that I didn’t have a reservation, he said, “No problem…I can seat you right now.” And, so he did…seat us, that is. We had a wonderful table. It is open air, and very rustic. The floors are wood, but the roof is about 6 large canvas umbrellas. And, the view here is wonderful! Awe inspiring!

Notice the concrete walkway. All the leaves and impressions were hand done using real leaves.

Pics made inside…

OK, just look at this food! Joy ordered fresh Mahimahi (caught that morning) stuffed with lobster, salmon and crab. It was accompanied by fried rice, fresh corn and served on a bed of fresh asparagus.

Now, this is mine. It is a traditional Hawaiian dish called Lau Lau. It is layers of Mahimahi, Salmon and and Kahlua pork, on a bed of rice…wrapped in ti leaves, and steamed. They open the steamed package at the table, and then pour warm coconut milk, right from the shell,all over the top. It is served with chunks of sweet potatoes and taro. Also grilled fruit…banana, pineapple and mango. Divine!

And, a meal this yummy just calls for dessert to top it off.

After our dinner, we walked down to the water’s edge. Here is a wonderful gathering of beautiful rocks, lava and coral.

Look at this wonderful heart shaped rock! This is where I found the other one that Tina brought back home for me and is now in my pool fountain. Joy discovered this one…but she refused to carry it home for me. I couldn’t understand why she would refuse this one little request from her dearest sister. So, there it lays…until I return. Maybe I’ll take an extra suitcase next time just for big rocks! :0)

Here she is…hands on hips…stubbornly refusing to help a sister out!

AND…can you believe she made this picture of me when I was in a moment of distress. No, no, I’m not dancing. I was trying to keep from falling on my rear end in the sand and rocks…and she was laughing at me!!! And, making pictures of me!!

Oh, we had a fun day! We laughed like we were 16…riding around in our silver ‘cool car’…the wind whipping our hair around. Well, it didn’t really whip…it’s too short. Mostly it just blew straight up and out! But, I’m sure we looked really young and cool anyway!

Unfortunately, we had NO time to visit the shops in Paia and Makawao. But, it was a beautiful ride the 36 miles back to the motel. Lights were reflecting off the water, and flickers of brightness skipped up the mountains. The moon was so bright, and it cast a beam of whiteness across the dark ocean waters. I wonder if whales sleep. There! and there! It is so bright the palm trees are silhouetted against the sky. It’s magical! So, we’ll come back before we leave. Oh! My! Time is getting short…