Joy and I left around 11 and went to an art show by some of the islands leading artists. We found several things that begged to go home with us. And, in the Spirit of Aloha…we agreed to take them to Alabama. Well, wouldn’t you have done the same thing?

We found some wonderful jewelry pieces also, and beautiful quilts with ancient Hawaiian designs. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through the art that was displayed there…and finding a piece of two to buy!

Realizing that we never ate breakfast or lunch, we decided to go to Kimo’s, a restaurant
in town. It has a wonderful back deck that sits over the water. Why, LOOK! Here we are now!

This one of my most favorite places to eat when I am here. And, they have a dessert called Hula Pie, that is extraordinary. So, we had a plan. We had a cool, fruity drink (the kind safe for kids to drink) and then ordered lunch. Joy had fresh fish and I ordered coconut crusted mahimahi with a Caesar salad and rice. The fish was covered with
a mango, onion salsa. It all smelled divine, and I was starving!

Surely you put fresh orchids on your plates, don’t you? Well, the first bite burned my throat…and the second bite did, too. There would be no 3rd bite…because I felt so sick so quickly that we had to leave. Instead of doing the things we had planned, we hurried back to the motel. I was nauseous, and weak, and then I started itching. I was obviously very allergic to whatever was in the salsa. So, I was in the bed for the afternoon. Fortunately I had some benedryl with me and took it…but it sure put a kink in the day. I am still itching, but feeling MUCH better now. Not to worry, Pop…I’m fine!

Tomorrow is our last day…so we will be up early with much to do and see! Then heading home on Tuesday! And, yes, I know I haven’t posted Saturday, but I will!