Today has been such a fun day! First, we hit the beach. I practiced a few cartwheels…..

Joy’s not too good at flips, so she just ran….

We built sand castles…

Got our feet wet in the water…they actually called our room this morning to tell us it was not safe to be in the water today!

And, we looked for whales! Can you imagine?

Tonight, we went to a Feast. The “Feast at Lele” is similar to a luau. There are tables next to the beach, and food is served from each of the islands that came together to form the group of people known as Polynesians. The celebration continues as each of the island groups share the dances that originated in their islands.

Oh! My! These fruity drinks are so delicious!

We enjoyed watching the sun set during the feast!

Tomorrow…taking a boat early to find those whales! Don’t have any idea what to do is we find them…just make a picture, I suppose.

FYI: I have the best daughter-in-love in the world! She is tops! She has fixed casseroles for those poor men we left behind, and tonight, she cooked supper for all of them at my house! She’s checking on Pop since we are out of town and making sure he has what he needs! Suzanne, thank you, my dear! You’re a gift from above. I love you!