Joy and I got up early this morning and were ready to be picked up at 7:30. We took a day long trip around the island to the town of Hana. This is way up in the mountains…the rain forest area. Such a beautiful area. However…600 hairpin turns and 51 one lane road in a drive of 36 miles is a little stressful! Can you say ‘weary’? We are exhausted. So I am going to share some of our pics, and sign off.

We saw such lush greenery on our trip. It was so beautiful! What these places must have looked like when the first explorers came here! I can’t imagine!

This is a eucalyptus tree. The trunks are so colorful!

Beautiful fern growing out of a rock! This is such an unusual place for plant life. There is almost nothing that can not be grown somewhere in Maui. And, many things that would bloom only once on the mainland bloom several times a year here. Things that will not bloom any where else,do great in this soil!

A beautiful black sand beach!

The surf here is quite rough due to all the lava rock in the water. It is actually churning all the time. Dangerous to go out on these rocks! Have you ever seen Pappilion? This is the cliff Dustin Hoffman jumped off of to make his escape! Think he survived these waters?

Here is a very beautiful church close to this rough water. In the last tsunami…not the one last week! Every thing on this peninsula was wiped away and washed out to sea for several miles inland. But, the church stood…and stands still. It is made of lava rock…and dates back many years when building practices were not what they are today. Very windy!

This is the door step into the church…moss covered except for where feet have scraped it clean.

A painted rock holding another door open.

Can you see how hard the wind is blowing?

Even the birds are not flying…when it is this windy, it blows them off course…so they sit it out! Smart birds!

It was cool and rainy and windy on us all day. Of course, part of the time we were in the rain forest, so it should have been rainy! The weather these past few days has been really strange. Unusual for it to be this cool. And, the workers here at the hotel say they can not remember a time when it has been this windy. We really did not bring clothes for this kind of coolness. Ya know what that means, don’t you? We have got to do a little shopping! Darn! I hate that!

Recently they have gone for 9 weeks without rain…even in the rain forest. The water falls had all dried up and the creeks were not full. So, I will not complain about the weather. When it rains…the pools and creeks fill up…and the beauty is breath taking! It is so amazing seeing how the world God created is self sustaining. It really needs no help from us…in an untouched and undefiled area.

We travelled about about 160 miles today on our bus. We went to Hana, the rain forest, 2 state parks, a winery, and a black sand beach!
We had a wonderful lunch in Hana at a cattle ranch! What a day!

We’re thinking of doing this tomorrow!!! Just kidding, Pop!