“The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. For He has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the waters.” Psalm 24:1-2

TUESDAY…what a beautiful day to be in Maui! God is so good! His creation here is glorious!

We slept till about 9 this morning, and after making ourselves presentable, went to explore our surroundings. The grounds here are exquisite! So many varieties of plant life, and all manicured so beautifully! This hotel has the distinction of being the most Hawaiian Hotel on Maui, and it is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient arts that the Hawaiian people once practiced. There are many demonstrations of the arts here all through the day…lei making, weaving, hula,which I am quite good at, 🙂 carving,etc. And at all times of the day, there is live music. Traditional Hawaiian music, ukulele, slack key guitar…just delightful!

We went out on the beach for a while this morning. While the water is as beautiful as any I have ever seen…the sand leaves much to be desired. Nothing beats the white sandy beaches of Panama City and Destin, Florida! Now THAT is pretty sand. This is more like dirt. However, there are some beaches with black sand which comes from the volcanoes, and also green and red sand beaches that are colored by the coral and minerals in certain areas. These are quite unique!

We had to go into town to get our tickets for our various excursions, and then we did a little shopping. And, now we are resting before our trip to the theater tonight. There is the most wonderful live production showing the myths and legends of the Hawaiian people in regards to the way the island was formed and settled. This is the 3rd time I have seen it, and I am so excited for Joy to see it as well. There are many of the authentic Hawaiian chants and dances, a little Cirque de Solei, and quite a bit of humor!

I’ll check back in with you when we get back. I’m going to put my feet up for a while, and listen to the sweet sounds of Hawaiian music wafting through my window!

Back now from the theater. The show was fabulous and I enjoyed it as much as I did before! Joy thought it was wonderful, too. I knew she would love it! She always copies me!!!

Off to bed now. We have a 7:00 call in the morning for a tour we are taking. I’ll have some great pics for you tomorrow!

NOTE TO MY FELLOW BLOGGERS: I am not doing any blog reading this week, even though I am blogging from here. So, I will be back to visit when I return!