The beach is wonderful!  Wonderful! Wonderful!  What beauty God has made for us to enjoy!

Really and truly this is THE most beautiful sand…anywhere!  Shirley and Tina and I went down for a quick weekend stay…here at Shirl and Sue’s (her sis) beach cottage!  They have been doing some decorating and it looks fabulous!

Now, Tina and Shirley are dear to me and I love them, but frankly, I’ve been a little disappointed in them.  The 3 of us went on the ‘ultimate girls trip’ to Maui in 2007.  I had such a wonderful time and came home and made a scrapbook just as soon as I could.  They, however,  have yet to finish theirs!  Can you believe that?   So, that was their plan to do while at the beach.  Shirley had 2 more books she wanted to do, and a project for a couple in her church.  So, they pulled out all that stuff and worked and worked and worked.

I watched and offered them my completed book and other valuable tips and techniques.  But, they were all over the place!  I just got in bed and tried to connect to the Internet and check in on my friends around the country.  Never could connect, so I read a while and then went on to bed.  Don’t even know how long they worked.  But, the next thing I knew, they were saying ‘ come on, we’re going to get some do-nuts.’  I told them I would be ready in a minute.  But, no!  They said ‘we are going just like we are…..pajamas and all.  And, we did!  Stood in line 20 minutes, but finally got some of the wonderful do-nuts.  This place has been here since I was a little girl…and it only gets better.

This picture HAD to be cropped…for modesty”s sake.  But, I DID have on my undergarments!

After we got back to the cottage, we dressed and went out to see what treasures we could find.  Lots of treasures in those parts, and we needed some.  And, so we shopped for a few hours at an outdoor mall, Pier Park.  Then we had lunch/dinner…and we were able to eat outside.  Such a nice day!

Did a little more exploring, then back to the cottage.  The 2 Princesses continued working on their scrapbooks.  And, I worked on Shirls’s project for her friend’s anniversary.  I finished it up for her…and they still did not finish the scrapbooks!

Off to bed;  then, early, early I heard them stirring around.  But, I pretended not to.  Besides they had no business being up so early, anyway!  They were packing up their UNFINISHED scrapbooks, and we washed sheets and swept floor nd packed car.  Time to head toward Dothan.  We needed to leave early enough that Shirl could drive the extra 2 hours to Moultrie.  And get there before dark.  We had spied one more shop that we wanted to check out.   So, that was figured into our plans, as well.  Found some really pretty things there, but stayed a mite too long. 

I said, “Shirl, since you didn’t feed me any breakfast this morning, and it is past luch time, do you think we could stop andget something to eat before we leave?”  Y’all she turned around and gave me the evil eye.  And, she drove right on past the food places till she got outta town.  Then she turned back around and said, “Did you say you were hungry?  Well, I’ll be happy to stop when I see a place.”  And, she knew good and well it would be all the way to the city limits of Dothan before she saw anywhere to eat.   So, here it is…my lunch!

I know, isn’t this terrible?  Not a bit of nutrition anywhere in sight.  But, I made do, and soldiered on.  That’s just the kind of girl I am.  But them…they just laughed maniacally in the front seat.   At least…through my chocolate-induced haze…that’s what I THINK happened.

It matters not.  I love these girls.  And, I love the time we have together!  Our quick trip was fun and refreshing to body and soul!  And, Shirley?  She made it home before dark.