Don and I have just returned from the new house. It seems that I may have possibly, quite by accident, totally unaware and not meaning to at all, and never would in a million years…ordered a piece of furniture for the kitchen that is too big for the space that has been allotted to contain it. I know…I is hard to believe that I could do that, and it really is not MY fault. REALLY! I checked with the architect before I ordered it and he said it would be just fine. I even gave him a print out of the piece WITH the dimensions. Well, you would think I had ordered a whole roomful of pink plastic furniture with yellow daisies to hear all the uproar. I mean, this is just a little bump in the road…a mere pebble…there is just no reason to make it into a full blown mountain with snow on top! It is a very cool piece and I will use it in my studio where it will receive the proper adoration….no biggie! I do not know why this has to turn into a barrage on my math skills! Yes, I can use a ruler…and yes, I do know that 66 inches is a higher number than 58 inches. And, yes, I can read and write down the numbers correctly! I am a kindergarten teacher remember…and never you mind that we only use numbers up to as many fingers as we have. I hate it happened, BUT, it probably won’t be the only thing I mess up. Not that I am planning to, mind you….but sometimes ‘things’ just happen. “Just gotta roll with it, Baby…”
This is the piece in question…but in distressed black.

I don’t mean any disrespect by showing you this sign. I have had it for a while, and somehow…this seems like a good time to share it. I’m just saying…