I have to be a proud mother here for a few minutes. Please indulge me. My son, Adam, is a photographer. He has had his own business,Perfection Photography, for about 4 years. Along with his wife, Suzanne, they are building up a great reputation. I am very proud of the work he does…as I am POSITIVE he got his artistic eye from me! 🙂 I can see his work getting better and better and the things he captures in the lens sometimes amaze me. Today, he is the featured photographer on the Pictage website. Pictage, with over 7000 members, is the leading full service photography studio/laboratory for professional photographers. In their blog, they feature various photographers whose work they think deserves recognition. And, they picked MY BOY to feature today. With no bias whatsoever, let me say that I think the Pictage people are extremely wise and insightful! Click here to go to the feature. At the bottom of his article, click on where it says to see more of his work…it will take you to his website and you can really tell more about what he does. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy seeing his pictures. By the way, he is available to travel…just in case you were to ever…you know…desire the services of an extremely capable photographer!…with a beautiful wife!…and a proud Mom!
Today, my sister, Joy, and I had lunch with 2 of our dearest friends, Jan and Jolene. They are sisters and grew up next door to us. Oh, the things we have shared through the years! Jan lives in NC and Jolene lives in TX. They were home to give their dad, who is Uncle Allison to me, a 90th birthday party. It really doesn’t seem right to call them friends, because their family and ours are so much more. Their Mom(my Aunt Katherine) and their sister(Brenda) live with Jesus now. It has been years since we have all gotten to sit down and talk. And talk, we did! We managed to sit in Olive Garden from 11:00 til 2:30…and there was never a lull in conversation. We caught up on their families and they on ours. It is ironic have we have gone through some similar things through the years. God has been good to all of us and has blessed us all greatly. When I saw Jolene coming across the walkway toward me, it was as though I was seeing Aunt Katherine again. I never before noticed how much she looked like her mother. After our lunch, they BEGGED me to take them to see our house.:) They approved and made me promise we would have a pajama party next time they come home! And, we will!

Jolene and Jan, you are so dear to me and I treasure the time we get to spend together. I love you both!