I am a collector at heart, and it really doesn’t matter what it is, if I like it…I like it…and I collect it. It is the ‘gathering together’ that is the fun! Most of the things I collect are of little value to anyone else. But, that’s OK…that is not even what is important. It is the feeling of other hands holding and other hearts loving an item that makes it valuble to me. One day I will tell you about all my collections…but for today, I will tell you that I love to collect photographs. I love the finding and sorting and catagorizing…then the reviewing!

Today, I want to share some of my favorite ‘early fall’ pictures. Why, yes, there are ‘early fall’ pictures and ‘late fall’ pictures. Just as there are pumpkin pics, and fall leaf pics, and fall decor pics. There are Halloween pictures, and Thanksgiving pictures, and most precious of all…’my family in fall’ pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at these. (Only collected by me…not taken by me).