Look at this cute T-shirt I found at Target today. Just $6.00. I love crows and have a small collection of crows on top of an armoire in my house. As a family, we have never been very big on Halloween. My boys went trick-or-treating, and we always participated in handing out candy. But, it has just never been a big deal for us. I choose to decorate for fall as a whole, and do not go in for witches and such. I abhor the Halloween aisle at Michael’s. They have some kind of “something’ that makes this other worldly, spooky sound whenever anyone walks by. It resounds over the whole store. I don’t know how those that work there can stand it. Anyway, I liked this shirt because it only had the crow on it. I have always been a fan of primitive folk art, and crows are used quite often in this type of art. They had some with witches and spiders and such, if that is your fancy, too.