On Saturday, we had our annual Birthday Bash! We started this several years ago, and have continued it since Mom left. In August we have 5 birthdays. Mom’s was the 12…Patty is the 15 th…Tommy is the 17th…Tonja is the 18th…and Joy is the 24th. This year we started our party on Saturday afternoon, and went on until the food was gone and the football teams had won!

Ian…..Lori and Finn…..Tommy





Tommy and John Thomas


Lucy Jane (Addison)

Will…..and the guys…trying to watch the game!


Joy…….Tara…….Lori……..John Thomas

Yummy Pork Tenderloin… Chef Don

All the fixins…..chef Tonja

Tonja with ‘Granmother’ pic holder from Patty!

We talked and played and watched ball games and ate and laughed and lughed and laughed! We were all together, along with a friend of the family, Evan, whom I do not have a picture of. Fun had by all!




  1. Love the family times at home. Such great pictures of a wonderful family!!

  2. What a great party! We have lots of August birthdays too……

  3. Looks like it was a perfect day. Wonderful pictures. That pork looks awesome. We had pork chops yesterday! Happy Birthday to all. Happy Labor Day to you.

  4. What a fun way to celebrate your birthdays … it looks like a good time was had by all. Your pork tenderloin and "fixins" look delicious, too!

  5. What fun! That is a wonderful tradition!

  6. We have a lot of August birthdays, as well. This looks like the perfect family gathering, with all the generations laughing and eating and having such a good time.

    Speaking of eating—your feast looks scrumptious—did I see PAMINNA CHEESE??

    Just made a bowl for our supper gathering—my Iron Man friend brought me a REAL pimiento from her garden, so Chris roasted it for me on the grill last night, and I've just made my first batch EVER from actual scratch—a pimiento from start to finish.

    Best wishes to all on their birthdays!!!


  7. I've been blog surfing for a Post Party I hold on weekends and found your site. Lo, and behold…you're wearing MY shirt (ok, your shirt and I'm wearing it?) If you pop over to my site you'll see in my profile picture that I have the paisley shirt on that you are wearing in the pictures above. Love that! & I love the shirt!

  8. What a great celebration! With all that laughing, I think I could fit right into your family. I feel like I'm always laughing louder than anyone else.

  9. Where is the picture of you taking food out of the oven?

  10. Looks like a fun time. You're so lucky to have your family right there nearby.


  11. WOW! What a fun time you had! I want some of that pork tenderloin. I love how big your pictures come up on here. Tonja, thank you for ALWAYS leaving such nice comments on my blog. I cherish our friendship!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

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