There are such talented people in our world! I love to watch an artist at work…how she takes the colors and blends them and mixes them…applying them to the canvas just so…and OH! just the tiniest touch of white…right over there! And so as some do their best work on canvas or watercolor paper…some do their best work…on their hands?…with their hands?…with their hands on another’s hands? Just look at this and you figure it out!!!

For around 30 years, I have worked with children…in differing capacities. But, always, thankfully, in places where I could use verses or thoughts from the Bible, as I wished. One of the favorite of these was always, “WORK WITH YOUR HANDS.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11

So, GO! Work with your hands! Do what you do best! Cook…ride your bicycle…paint a picture…style someones hair…sort clothes in a thrift store…soothe a scared child…there’s too many to name here. Besides, you know what you do best. Just go and do it!