There are things we experience in this journey called ‘life’ that help us mark the time.  Things we look forward to like starting high school, getting our driver’s license, graduating high school.  Or maybe we look forward to going off to college, that first job or living on our own for the first time.

Then it’s on to getting married, having a baby, buying a home.  And, for a while…we watch our children attaining those ‘firsts’…and we sort of live through them for a while.  Until it’s our turn again!  Retirement.   Grandchildren.    Been there.  Done all that.  Lovin’ every minute of it!

“What’s left?”, you ask.  Hip replacement?  False teeth?  Incontinence?  Heaven forbid!!!  I’ll just go on and tell you…it’s CATARACT SURGERY!  Not that I’m anywhere near old enough to have cataracts, to be sure!  But, still…there they are.  And, the doctor says they’re coming off.  NOW!   So that’s what I will be doing on the following two Wednesdays.  And, it’s not going to be pretty.  Already they have taken away makeup…and I need all the help I can get!  But, I’m being obedient.  No make-up.  Drops in eyes as directed.  No lifting or stooping over.  OK…I can do all these things.  But those ugly ole black glasses…no way!  I’ll just stay in my house with a hood over my head…but no to the glasses.

It’s hard to believe I’ve gotten to this point.  Seems like only yesterday I was a young bride, young mother, young everything!  I still feel the same way on the inside.  Do you feel that way, too?  I guess the essence of a person…our very soul…never ages.  And, isn’t that nice?

Oh, I can fool myself for a while.  But, then I’ll pass by a mirror or catch a glimpse of some older lady in a store window reflection.  And, I realize it’s me.  But, you can be sure of this.  You will not find my reflection anywhere with those ‘OLD LADY CATARACT GLASSES!’

And, if, per chance, Joy should tape them to my eyes or do some other gosh awful thing to me while I’m asleep and helpless and depending on her to care for me in my altered state…she just better remember that turn-about is fair play and her time is coming!  And, my memory is sharp as a tack!




  1. Throw some sequins on those glasses and get out there and go shopping, eat some chocolate and drink margaritas!!!!

    Hope the surgery is smooth and will be behind you soon.


  2. You really aren't old enough for cataracts! But I guess you forgot to tell your eyes that! Now those sunglasses aren't that bad…..almost no worse than the cocoons I wear so I don't have to change glasses to sunglasses all the time!

    Are you getting the lenses that make you see like you're eyes are young again? That's what I hope to do and never have to even wear glasses again!!

    Joy, take good care of her! Praying for a great result!

  3. I'm afraid I'm not far behind you on the cataract thing. When my eyes were last examined a year-and-a-half ago he said they weren't big enough to do anything yet. But in the past couple of months I've been starting to wonder. I'm curious – have you been noticing any changes in your eyesight?

    I figure if I survived weeks without the use of my right arm after my shoulder surgery I can probably do anything. Although, I must confess, I still managed to get make-up on my face with my left hand. Hmmmm. How long do you have to go sans makeup after cataract surgery???

  4. I'm just so amazed and grateful for all these cures and fixes and restorings of so many of our parts when they begin to fail. And could you imagine the first person to sit down and LET them prink around with those precious eyeballs?

    Miracles every day. Wish this type were bigger, just til you're all well. To bright days and beautiful vision soon!


  5. I guess this post stems from our conversation earlier today. I think Joy should take some pictures, you know….just as a memory. You are always wanting to document our lives. We just want to document yours! haha

  6. You make me laugh.

  7. I hope you're doing well after your first go-round—you wear those glasses, or carry a parasol or take up veils—just marvel at the mirable, and the sights that you'll take in in all their glory again.

    Besides, if the opinion of a REAL old lady counts: I think they're kinda cool—you can be the TONJANATOR.

  8. Hi sweet friend! I'm thinking of you and wondering how you're doing? Come on…give us an update.

    I've been a bad blog friend. Life has been busy, but good. I did finally post something a night or two ago and I've promised myself I will get back to blogging. It's important to me.

    Big hugs,

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