May I just tell you, my dear friends, I have ‘been there and done that’ concerning my cataract surgery.  And, I didn’t even get a T-shirt!  The cataracts are gone…and all that’s left for me to do is put drops in my eyes for another month!

Now, I want to be real honest with you about this procedure.  I’m gonna tell you exactly how it was…and is.  But, first, a disclaimer:  Everyone’s surgery experiences are different and just because I tell you it is this way for me doesn’t mean it will be this way for you!  You and your doctor should make all decisions concerning your health.  I just want to share with you the things I experienced.  OK?  OK.

Joy took me in for the first surgery.  Everything went fine.  All the nurses who got me ready and prepared my eyes were super.  The anesthesioligist and the doctor were tops.  But, the surgical nurse who came to roll me down to the OR was a nasty little twit.

SHE:  So you are going to be put to sleep?  There’s really no need for that.

ME:  My doctor and I decided that this would be the best thing for me.

SHE:  Well, we do this surgery every day and we don’t usually put someone to sleep.  It’s really unnecessary.  (all this while she is rolling me along to surgery)

ME:  (getting a little miffed)  What is your name again?

SHE:  Sandy

ME:  Well, Sandy, I’ll be sure to tell Dr K that you think the decisions he made for my surgery are all wrong.  I’m sure he’d like to know what you think.

SHE:  Now, hon, don’t go getting nervous and upset on me.  You just have to do what’s right for you.

Yeah, she changed her tune quite quickly!  And, by the way, I didn’t tell on her, but I should have.  None of her business!  Anyway, I was returned to Joy who put me in the car and headed home.  I was fine but feeling a little ‘loopy’.  And…I did see some things quite amusing on my way home from the hospital.

ME:  Joy, I feel like I am hallucinating.  I keep seeing things I know are not there.

JOY:  Things like what, Sweet Sister of Mine?

ME:  I actually think I’m seeing PINK ELEPHANTS!

JOY:  Why, Darling Sister, you know that is impossible!  We are in Alabama and the only elephants here are RED (ROLL TIDE)!  Besides, I don’t think they like to walk along a busy highway such as this.

I pulled out my telephone and snapped away.  You see them, too, don’t you?




 Today (8-24) is Joy’s birthday.  I’m only sad that everyone cannot have a sister as special as mine.  She is gentle and kind and always available to anyone in need.  The best gift my parents ever gave me was her as my sister!

So, home to recuperate, and to prepare for phase 2.    There was no pain.  But, the glasses I had were not right anymore and I had to go a week without really seeing well.  But, that passed and it was time for us to head back.  That is until Joy called me late Sunday evening and told me she had just come from the doctor and was very ill with a nasty URI.  So, Don had to be called into escort duty.  We went up to Birmingham a day early and were able to have a very nice dinner with Ian.

The second surgery went well.  Sandy was no where in sight, thank goodness!  And, recovery went well.  No pain…just trying to remember not to lift anything and not to bend over.  More drops all day and trying to adjust to a ‘new normal’ with my eyes.  I have much better distance vision, but all my close up vision is gone.  I didn’t realize this would happen and I am not dealing with it too well.  I  need my glasses to see  anything up close…anything. I can’t read my cell phone, or a prescription bottle or anything close to me at all.   I was used to bifocals before the surgery, and wore my glasses all the time.  Now it’s just hard to remember to keep glasses around my neck or on my head or in my purse or …you get it.  And, I will, too.  I’m thankful for my vision and the cataracts had to come off.  So, I just have to ‘get a grip’ and adjust.  God is good and I am thankful I have eyes to see.

And, for the record… you remember I said I wouldn’t wear the glasses?  Well, I did wear them home from the hospital…just in the car and to go into the motel…but I held my head down.  And, then I fixed them in case I had to wear them again.  Don’t you think they look better now?



Well..I didn’t wear them again.  So, if YOU are having cataract surgery and want to borrow them…I’ll be happy to share!