I love the checkerboard pattern. I love the interest it adds to whatever it is on or simply by itself. I like it on clothes, on accessories, just about anything!
So imagine my delight, my joy, my sense of serendipity when I happened upon this set of dishes last week at TJMaxx. I say serendipity because I wasn’t looking for dishes…but there they were…waiting for me. Now since I did not really NEED any more dishes, I only bought 4 of each. And, when I got them home…they looked as good as I knew that they would. My friend, Tina, happened to be over and she said, “You only bought 4?” Well, I could tell by the tone of her voice that she did not think that was wise, and I had already been thinking I should have gotten all 8. It was too late to go back that night, so as soon as school was out the next day, I headed back over and hurried into the store…hoping that no one else had bought MY dishes. And there they were…waiting patiently for me to return and bring them all together again. And so I did. Now I have a set of 8. But, I really NEED 12, since my table will now seat 12. Not that I could seat 12 at my table, since I still DO NOT HAVE ANY CHAIRS!!!!! But, when I do have 12 chairs…I can seat 12 people…and they can all eat off of my delightful checkerboard plates.

I may even mix things up a bit, and mix in some of my red plates!

And, how do you like it with the mustard plates?

I could even use them with my orange bowls!

Oh, and the possibilities are endless! What about lime green? Wouldn’t that be fun?