I know most of you friends thought you had her…so, I’m sorry to have to break this to you, BUT…I have the best Mom in the world! It’s true! I do! I love you, Mom! You’re the best and I pray every day that you will feel better. We have many more trips to take…and much more shopping to do….and much more fun to have! I am blessed to have you in my life!

After, I visited with Mom, Ian and I had a nice lunch together. He came home from Birmingham. He surprised me on Friday night. Thanks, Ian, for fixing the ‘broken leg’…and thanks for being a young man I am prouder of every day!

Then, Adam and Suzanne, came by. They were dropping off their dog for Alex to dog sit until tomorrow. They have an important meeting to attend in Birmingham. I am so proud of these 2. Adam, thanks for giving me a daughter to love, and thanks, Suzanne, for loving my dear boy so much. God bless you two.

OK…back to Saturday. Tina and I headed out early to meet Shirl in Albany,Ga. for the day. It was about an hour drive for her and about an hour and a half for us. It is always such fun when we are together, and Sat. was no exception. We went on a mission to find some patriotic decor for Tina to use at church. She is in charge of the flower and decor committee at our church. She decorates seasonally all over the church. We met at Hobby Lobby, then to TJ Maxx, on to Jo Ann’s, then Ross, back to Hobby Lobby. Oh the damage we can do in a short time.

I did not go off yesterday with the notion of buying anything. But these 2 INSISTED that I needed this set of dishes. And, not just the dishes, but all the accessories to go with them…platters, bowls, glasses, decor, etc. All in a beachy theme. Can you see it all laid out here on the floor? Shameful!

I protested, I begged, I said, “No, No, No…I do not need all this!” But, were they sympathetic, did they understand, did they hear my pleas? No, they just looked at me like this!

And, so I caved. What would you have done if they were blocking your way and looking at you like that? So, it all resides with me here in the Creek House now. And, it will be lovely when we have pool parties this summer. So, maybe, I’m not TOO mad at them!

It is so funny, but, when we 3 find something we really like…it always seems that there are 3 of them available…1 for each of us! And, since we all like the same things…that makes it very nice. I spotted this lamp at one of our stops…and put it in the buggy. I showed it to Tina…and she had to have one. I took the other one to Shirl…and she had to have it too. Isn’t this just the cutest little lamp? ****** Why, no, I don’t know exactly where I will put it. But, I’m sure I will find the perfect place!