Am I dumb as dirt? Please, please someone tell me that you, too, have trouble with those word verification doo-dahs that you have to do when you leave a comment. I know I am a fairly intelligent woman…able to read all my letter and numbers. And even though I have to go slowly on long division sometimes…I am a voracious reader. But, those letters get to me sometimes. I just left a comment on a blog (Tracey) and I had to do it over 4 times. I am not proud of this. I am ashamed to even tell you, my friends…but I am hoping maybe someone else is afflicted as well. Is it the bifocals? Is it age? Is it my lack of attention to the little things? Is it my OCD kicking in because I subconciously want those letters to be nice and straight? Whatever it is, please tell me I’m not the only one….