Those of you who follow my blog or who know me personally, know the issues of our middle son, Alex.  He has a degenerative brain disorder called Cerebellar Atrophy.  It affects his vision, his balance, his motor skills…and causes him severe pain daily.   It does not affect his mind in anyway, thank God!  When I say that he is never without pain…it is not an exaggeration.

For years, ever since he was diagnosed when he was in the eighth grade, we have sought help from anywhere and everywhere.  The trouble is, there’s just not a lot of information, and fewer doctors who specialize in this.  We have looked the world over…literally.  We have gotten the most help from the University of Michigan and they have been able to give us information, but no help in dealing with the pain.

Alex is a regular patient of the Pain Management Center here and is on quite a few medications.  And, that is where we have been for about 10 years.  A few months ago, his doctor told him about a new treatment that could possible give him some relief.  He began looking into it and trying to get it available in Dothan.  However, we told him we would go wherever it was available.    The procedure is done every 4 days, so it really needs to be done as close to home as possible.  Finally, it was approved for him to get the equipment here in Dothan.   Then came a whole mess with insurance coverage, etc…since it is still considered by some to be experimental.  Another month or so and that was finally worked out.  We told them we would cover it out of pocket if insurance wouldn’t cooperate.  But, finally it was all set up.  And the device was implanted behind his ear last Thursday.

********The P-STIM is a miniaturized device designed to administer auriculo (ear) point stimulation treatment over several days.   Stimulation is performed by electrical pulses emitted through selectively positioned needles.  The advantage of using the ear is that it offers numerous points of stimulation within a small area.  It provides continuous point stimulation for several days and then is removed and replaced with another.********



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I share this with you to ask for your prayers.  Regardless of the efficacy of the treatment, ultimately Alex’s well being is in the hands of our Heavenly Father.  I truly believe God wants Alex to have a better quality of life.  After all, He wants us all to have the joy that only He can give.  We know the outcome of this procedure is up to Him.  Our prayer is that it would give him some relief.  Our prayer is that Alex could be completely healed.  Our prayer is that he could live a normal life and get out into the world and not be home bound.  And, we know God is able.  God is able to do more than we could ever imagine.  Our prayer is that He shows us grace and mercy in Alex’s life.


But, if He should choose to let things remain as they are…we will still praise Him.  He is good…all the time.  And, He sees farther along than we ever could.  His will may be to teach us all a lesson in accepting what we cannot change and learning to look for the blessings of each day.


Pray with us, if you will, that God will give us the grace to accept His decisions…and the strength and perseverance to continue the fight.



1/26/15…..Edited to add:   Today Alex went in to have the second device implanted.  No news yet on if it is working,   Even the doctors and reps don’t know how long it will take to see results.  But, my God is big!





  1. Will be lifting Alex up in prayer, thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on how he is doing. I remember I was out shopping one day right after he became ill ran into your sweet Mother and she told me about Alex and ask for prayer. Love all of you, have a great and blessed day.

  2. Absolutely Alex will be in my prayers as he has often been. Please, Lord! Let this be something that brings him relief and let there be healing!

  3. Oh, Tonja … my heart goes out to Alex, and to you and Don. I pray the devices will be God's miracle cure and answer to the countless prayers that have been said for Alex, all these years … and the beginning of a new pain-free life for him. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and will look forward to hearing good news from you soon. Please give Alex a hug for me … he is such a precious young man and I have admired him for years through your stories about his steadfast faith and courage, even though I have never met him in person.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I knew Alex had health issues but wasn't aware of this. Yes, God is a BIG God and He knows the desires of a parents heart is to have children happy, healthy and pain free. We may not understand why things happen as they do, and we don't always agree .. but we have to accept and trust Him . I speak from personal experience, things I've had to accept when all I could do was ask "why?" Only in Heaven will we know the answers , because then we will be in a Place where there is no pain, no suffering and no tears. ( I know, I'm preaching to the choir!) I will join you in praying for Alex.. and for all of you, this is a family affair! Praying he will very soon know relief from this constant pain! God bless you and yours!

  5. Tonja, I am praying right now that God will see fit to give relief to Alex and more quality life. God sees your faith and I know that He is with you and your family with this new procedure. I am praying with faith and hope that this does work for Alex!

  6. Debra Eldridge |

    I will pray for Alex, that Gods heal him and for this procedure to give Alex pain free days very soon!

  7. He is always in my prayers … Alex has such a precious spirit and am praying fervently for the Lord to work His will in this. Please, Lord, ease his pain. And give you strength to hope and face whatever each day brings. Am so praying with hope for healing and peace.

  8. Kay Shaughnessy |

    Praying right now for your precious son, Alex, along with you and Don! May God bless you all!

  9. angelinaballerin |

    This is so exciting for Alex….and for YOU! To have the opportunity to be free of some or all of his pain must be so encouraging!! Praying that his hope and faith will be renewed in a tangible way.

  10. Believing with you, praying with you!

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