Yes, our small town, here in south Alabama, has finally moved on up in the world. It’s been bad enough that our shopping choices are severely limited, and added to that, the only decent place to shop (Parisian) is closing. But the powers that be have given us a small reprieve. We now have a TARGET!!!!! Now, this may be no big deal to you who live in larger areas, where you have an abundance of shopping…but those of us here in my town are “over the moon!!” It will officially open next week…but, I went yesterday and walked through. It is so clean and bright and organized. Well, we feel like we’ve won the lottery here!!! All we have had was Wal-Mart, and ours is getting pretty sad. Oh, and to be fair, we do have a K-Mart…need I say more? And you shoppers in the know know Target has such a great selection of so many items. We’ve had to be content with shopping Target in other cities, the closest is about 80 miles away. And now, we have our own! Oh, hide the checkbook, I’ve gotta make up for lost time. And, not only that…we have finally gotten an Olive Garden! Well, I guess you know that we are big time now! Of course this does nothing to alleviate the lack of decent stores for the fashionable “mature woman”. Not older…just not younger. Now we do have a mall, but the majority of the stores there carry clothes they hijacked off a boat that was taking them to some foreign country to distribute to the poor. You may have some of these stores in your town. All the bottoms are cut off and ravelled, the sleeves are cut out and they only come in teeny, tiny sizes. Which leads me to believe they were headed to a country of teeny, tiny people. Because any one who is “real-sized” would have gone sorely lacking. Anyway…I digress. We are just happy that Target is here. And I for one am going to do my best to see that they feel welcome.