Hi my wonderful bloggy friends.  I know you are wondering where I have been and what I have been doing and why I haven’t been reporting it all to you.  Well, the truth is…I haven’t been doing much of anything but lying in the bed, going to the doctor, and sleeping.

I have been quite sick, and still am, actually.  It’s all too complicated.  But, it has to do with my blood pressure, my heart rate and asthma, and medication.  It’s about trying this med and then waiting for it to work, then trying another and waiting.  But, suffice it to say, I have not felt like writing…haven’t felt like doing anything…but sleep.  I even had to cancel my big July 4th family fun day and cook-out.

I have been trying to read, but I just can’t do it for long.  So, my friends, don’t think I have flown the coop…or that I left on a jet plane, or that I took a long walk on a country road.  None of the above.  I will return, as soon as I can.  I have been working on a post…but only a little bit at a time, so it may still take a little time still.


And, on a sad note…we have had a severe shock in the life of our church family.  Dear, dear friends discovered that their son had passed away during the night.  This was a dear young man, a friend who grew up with my younger boys.  His parents and I all grew up together, as well.  Please be in prayer for them, as they are having a very difficult time.  I know most of you are praying people, so I ask this with all my heart.

I’ll talk with you soon.





  1. Oh, Tonja! So sorry! I hope you're back up and running soon.

  2. Hope you're feeling much better soon!

  3. So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. I have bouts with my BP, too and it can take the pleasure out of the best of days. Keeping you and your Church family in my prayers this evening. I always get great pleasure from your blog. Thanks!

  4. Oh, my Dear!!! I'm so sorry, having crawled through a couple of don't-go-togethers once.

    I think I know you well enough to ask: Are you coughing? Two years ago, my BP meds caused such a violent, constant cough that it could have affected my heart. I think I want to tell everybody: Check you BP meds first, if you get a hacking cough, for SO MANY have told me about the same reaction.

    I love you, Sweetpea, and hope you feel SO BETTER SO soon.

    BabySugar is a marvelous antidote, antibiotic, anodyne. and anesthetic, all in one.


  5. Oh, Tonja … I'm so very sorry to hear that you're not well. I know there are so many things you want to be doing (like getting some of that Baby Sugar!).

    Take care, my friend, and know that you are being missed. I will keep you in my prayers.

    With love,

  6. Hi Tonja! So sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Medications and their side effects can certainly do a number on you. I had some issues earlier this year with a medication and it was AWFUL!! I loved seeing your pictures of four generations together, and of Levi’s first Sunday at church. You and I are birds of a feather when it comes to the way we feel about our churches. Tracy’s grandfather was a deacon, and Tracy’s daddy and aunts and uncles were all raised at New Teamon. And now, it’s “our” time to be workers and leaders in the church and one day, hopefully, it will be our boys who are doing those same things. Hoping and praying you are feeling better soon!

  7. One of my new friends at church is struggling with out-of-control blood pressure as well. I'm praying for both of you. You have so much to offer the world – we need you WELL!!

  8. Gosh Tonja, I'm so sorry you having to deal with this! It sounds awful and scary. I will pray that the doctors figure out a solution…and soon.

    I'm so sorry about your friend's son. I just stopped and prayed for them…and YOU.


  9. Tonya,

    Just read this…I am a little behind. I hope by now you are starting to get your meds under control and are feeling better. I will pray.

  10. I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I do know what it is like when I'm not well with my lungs and can't even think of going on the computer. I usually lay on my sofa in my office and watch tv. No tv in the bedroom 🙁 I am so sorry about your church family who lost their precious son. I will be praying for them during this horrific time. I will also be praying for you to find the right mixture of medications. ((HUGS))

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