Hi my wonderful bloggy friends.  I know you are wondering where I have been and what I have been doing and why I haven’t been reporting it all to you.  Well, the truth is…I haven’t been doing much of anything but lying in the bed, going to the doctor, and sleeping.

I have been quite sick, and still am, actually.  It’s all too complicated.  But, it has to do with my blood pressure, my heart rate and asthma, and medication.  It’s about trying this med and then waiting for it to work, then trying another and waiting.  But, suffice it to say, I have not felt like writing…haven’t felt like doing anything…but sleep.  I even had to cancel my big July 4th family fun day and cook-out.

I have been trying to read, but I just can’t do it for long.  So, my friends, don’t think I have flown the coop…or that I left on a jet plane, or that I took a long walk on a country road.  None of the above.  I will return, as soon as I can.  I have been working on a post…but only a little bit at a time, so it may still take a little time still.


And, on a sad note…we have had a severe shock in the life of our church family.  Dear, dear friends discovered that their son had passed away during the night.  This was a dear young man, a friend who grew up with my younger boys.  His parents and I all grew up together, as well.  Please be in prayer for them, as they are having a very difficult time.  I know most of you are praying people, so I ask this with all my heart.

I’ll talk with you soon.