This is my good friend D.S.  Most people think she is a quiet, mild-mannered, easy going girl.  However, I know the REAL D.  She teaches at my former school and is a wild and crazy girl!  I love her!!  She has a small problem though…she doesn’t want to buy her daughter the cool shoes she needs!!!  Right,AC?

Anyway…she was looking extra spiffy today and I decided to make her picture.  And, to be truthful, she is wearing the newest shirt I designed.  Everyone seems to love the colors this year.  It is really different than anything I’ve done before!  Thanks for modelling for me, D!

Don and Alex left yesterday for a trip to Birmingham to see  a new eye doctor.  The doctor that did the surgery on him several months ago, wanted him to see another specialist to see if there was anything that could be done about his double vision.  Personally, I do not think there is.  From what all the doctors through the years have said, the damage to the optic nerve and muscle is what is causing the double vision and the jumping of the eye.  It is coming from the brain. And the atrophy of the cerebellum is the culprit.   The vision was an eye problem which is why it could be fixed.
I could very well be wrong…and I hope I am.  They will be home tonight, so we’ll see.

I am taking Adam back to Birmingham tomorrow for yet another surgery on his eye.  I thought this was the last…but, alas!  there will still be one more.  We should be back Friday night.

And, in between, I am trying to finish up my Christmas decorating.  I am putting all the boxes back in the storage room this afternoon…and what is not done…will not be done.  It can wait till next year!  I suppose I have had a harder time than usual this year because it is the first time I have decorated for Christmas in the Creek House.  So, I’m having to decide what I want to do where.

Hope your decorating and cooking and holiday spirit is keeping you happy and contented .